The good, the bad, and the ugly!

The Christmas spirit is not infecting me this year. I wish that it would, but it is not. I am trying so hard to enjoy it all, but I think that it is just passing me by this year. Little things that normally just fall into day to day life are bugging me and certain members of my family (John) have suggested the big M word to me. Menopause! Could that be why simple things like the loss of my keys, the nibby neighbor that was calling me to complain about the other neighbor every time I walked in the door for the five days prior to me telling her off and hanging up on her, (she was watching my house, doesn't that border on harassment?) the flooded basement that really smells and the $156 to the overtalkative Roto Rooter man that fixed nothing, the letter and subsequent phone call to the Pa Treasury people about some unclaimed property form that I have not filed for the past two years and am going to be fined because of my failure to file. (just as a quick side note on this to the cocky little CHAD that I got on the phone, we have been in business for 16 years and I have NEVER filed this report on your law that "has been in effect for 75 years" and a fine of 12% of nothing is still NOTHING) Am I finished on this rant yet? Well no actually, but I'll spare anyone that is still reading the REST of my ranting.

I keep telling myself that I have so much to be thankful for and I keep counting my blessings and believe me they are many and I should never complain, I am trying really, but each day is bringing it's share of things that are really bugging me.

On to other things. Finished items are piling up here at home.
These clips are for an order.

And I have had this fabric panel for months and finally got these made for the boys. They LOVE Charlie Brown! (And I FORGOT to tape it last night...see another one of those things that is bugging me)
I made this for Tyler, he is the motorcycle lover and these are some of John's t-shirts that no longer fit him.

And this one is for Logan, he is fascinated with all the wild animals. I think he is going to be a mighty hunter!

Another order.

My tree is up and "settled" and my project for the morning is to get it decorated. Sure wish the fairies (translated daughters) would come and do that for me!
And as a final note, please keep my Mom in your prayers. She is having a heart cath on Friday with the possibility of a stint. This is her second one and while I am trying to not to worry, it is hard not to.
Anyone know where I can find some sugarplums to dance in my head?


Joyce said…
I can relate to the lack of Christmas spirit this year.
I'm going through the motions ,I put the tree up and got the lights on
but took four days before I got it decorated. And normally I decorate
the whole house, not this year.
Like you I can't really put my finger on the reason for the lack of interest
maybe it's the doom and gloom I see on the news every day or the dark
gloomy weather. I really don't like the winter season.
Hopefully as the days go by those Sugarplums will make
an appearance and change our outlook for this Christmas.
Gook luck to your Mom this Friday.
And a final note I really like the Weeks Home Sign you painted.
Oh my you poor thing. Sounds like nothing is going right for you at all. I kind of giggled a little at all that is going wrong. I'm so sorry. But just love how you told it. I went through the big M. Not fun. Jumped down everyones throat. And the hot flashes OMG..I was 49 when it started. Just hated the world, nothing went right, everyone stayed away from me. LOL Or maybe its just nothing is going right and Christmas is always stressful. I sure hope things get better so that you can enjoy. Your items are beautiful. I know everyone will be so happy with them. I remember one day i was in walmart with hubby and a hot flash came on. And i told him that if we didn't get out of this store right then i was gonna strip right there. I had a tee shirt on and a sweat shirt on over it. I started taking the sweat shirt off right in the shoe dept. He was just looking at me like i was a nut. I just couldn't take it anymore. We weren't in there long after that. LOL

Just take a deep breath and hang in there.
Oh sorry forgot. I will send up prayers for your mom. I know how scarey that can be. And some for you to.

BurttBunch said…
Praying for you and your mom,......go check out the video on my blog I just posted....its really what this season is all about =)
ohiofarmgirl said…
Maybe the key is remembering the real reason for the season and not matter the economics, no matter the problems we were blessed with grace we didn't deserve and love how could you not celebrate that????
Hope you are feeling better today! Dianntha
Tolentreasures said…
Thanks for all the kind words and as an update, two fairies did show up this morning, Jenn and Tyler, amazing how fast you can get a tree decorated with an overstimulated four year old!
Suzanne said…
I've had a little malaise this year too. It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. I hope things simplify a bit for you so you can relax a little and enjoy. Wish I was a neighbor (the good kind!) and could bring you over a plate of cookies or take you to lunch! Prayers for you and your mother -- already given.
pammyjo said…
Remembering you and your mom in my prayers. Also ... this is te first time I've seen your update to your blog background. Absolutely fabulous. Wishing you dancing sugar plums.
Balisha said…
I wish that I could share half your troubles.I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers. Have a cup of tea and put your "feets" up.
Prayers for you and your Mom!!! My Christmas spirit has come slow this year but having my grandchildren close by has been a blessing for me. I hope you get back to being yourself soon. Sure glad those fairies showed up!!! Big hugs to you!!!
You and me both .. bah humbug. I don't even have the tree up yet. Honestly, I think the Christmas spirit will hit us if we both took a vacation. I'm thinking Florida or Vegas. You can pick the place as long as it's warm and sunny. Let me know when and I'll meet you at the airport.
luv2teek said…

I can relate...need I say more...thanks for your prayers on behalf of my family and I will be praying for you and yours also.

Hopefully the Christmas Spirit finds it's way to Dayton and makes a stop at both of our houses!

Oh my gosh did I miss this post? I'm sorry to hear about all this craziness! Hope that your Mom did well during her stent placement. My Mom had one in her late 50's and it was so nerve racking while I waited for her...she so much braver than I am!!
Love your little snowman clips. Are those old sheets of music? Graphics fairy also has some of those too. I'd love to make some...won't be as good as yours though!! I hope things have settled down for you! (try soy based products that will help with the menopause thing!)
Take care my friend,
Patti :)