I WON!!!

My very first giveaway! Cath at http://cathspennies.blogspot.com/ picked me to win this cute little pillow. I love it! And just when I had packed away the fall ones that she made for me, this one just stepped in and took their place. Thanks so much, Cathy! If you have not visited her blog, do so. She has the neatest wool things and is now publishing her own line of patterns. I am really on a "finishing" kick and none too soon! Finished these on Thursday, they are on the Varnishing Table in the basement. An order for a customer. Next year I am not taking orders. Someone please remind me of that about October or November when I am weak and can't say "NO!" That reminder can be from anyone in Blogland or of course, my family and friends. To my family and friends, you have permission to snick me if I say yes!

Finished these for Shelby and family for at her house.

Made this just because the thought popped in my mind. It is really not for anyone although it might end up on my table before Christmas.

Made this for me Mom. I saw the idea in Create and Decorate magazine and I had this letter that her Dad wrote to his grandparents (Mom's great-grandparents) in 1917 and I scanned the envelope and transferred it to muslin and made this. I want to make one for my aunts and uncle, but that is going to have to wait until after Christmas.

Tied and put the binding on this for Kendall for Christmas.

And this is for Gracelyn, managed to get the binding on it yesterday also.

And of course, she needed a pillow to go with it also.

We are on the mend here. A day in the house certainly helped me! I ended up making the 70 mile roundtrip to the doctor on Friday (doesn't that just sound like we live at Little House on the Prairie) and got antibiotics for my throat and glands. It is really too bad that they don't just sell those over the counter. I knew what I needed.
Now for a run-down of what is on my kitchen counter:
Vitamin D3 (Thanks Jennifer!)
Vitamin C
Green Tea
Jack Daniels.
All other suggestions,welcome!


Congratulations on the win...a very sweet pillow. I hope you feel better soon. The Jack will do wonders, I'm sure. Don't forget to add hand sanitizer to your things on the counter.

Best Wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas ~Natalie
I love the candy cane pillow such great work on it!

Hope your feeling better too and the Jack Daniels will do the trick, that's what they probably used on the praire.LOL

Love all you made such wonderful gifts for everyone they will be so happy on Christmas day:)
Jenny said…
Boy, I think your stash is pretty much complete. Can't think of a thing to add. Except congratulations on your sweet win! How fun for you!
You are amazing. You've done all that work while miserably sick? Yes, we really do need to take that vacation. ...and you can have your Jack Daniels if I can have my Captain Morgan. :)