Iced In.

We woke, here is Western Pa, to an ice storm. Roads were closed, our church was cancelled (I can't even remember the last time we cancelled church, hearty country people that we are) and everything basically came to a standstill. Not a bad day if you are home and toasty and have a husband that likes to cook. This is the meal he came up with, Pasta with chicken, and green and red bell peppers, covered lightly with asiago cheese. The nice glass of wine allowed me a bit of a nap and a break from the coughing and hacking that I had been doing since 3:30 AM. Yes, I have settled into my yearly cold. I could feel it coming and it took it's time taking hold, but Thursday night it finally settled in, just in time to feel guilty at the hospital and get some not nice looks every time I settled into a coughing fit in the waiting room, sitting right under the sign that read something to this effect, IF YOU HAVE COLD OR FLU SYMPTOMS, PLEASE GO HOME!
So, I tried to knock some more items off my to do list of orders that I need to get done for Christmas. A customer brought this ski to me to have painted.
Oh wait and then I had to try something out of those tapestry samples. I ran out of thread on topstitching the binding. It is on my "town" list.

And have these stockings all started for Shelby, Ryan and Kendall. I left the top open on this one so that I can take it to work and have it embroidered today. The other two I left in pieces for ease of embroidery.

And another order, finished and checked.

And of course a little knitting. I had all these scarves started, I am really not speed knitter. Sometimes I am on a kick of starting things and sometimes it is finishing. I am trying to stay on finishing for awhile.

Less than two weeks until Christmas. I don't have even half of my shopping done. The good news is though that most of what I have bought, I have wrapped and under the tree. It is crunch time at work. We are always busy at this time but this year I think Christmas has taken a lot of people around here by surprise. I think it is the lack of cold weather for so long and now people are ordering coats and hats and t-shirts for their employees and we are down to the end of the time of getting them finished. I see some overtime coming, too bad I don't get paid for it!


Oh no, sick at Christmas? I hope you are feeling much better very soon!! Sick or not, you are one busy bee. Love the ski..and the stockings..and the scarf..heck I love it all!!!!
Hope the ice is melting this morning!
Your post even has a warm and cozy sound to it the way you worded it!!! And how wonderful of your dear hubby to cook such a delicious meal for you - the wine was a good thing to help with your cold - I get my yearly cold at this time of year as well. And I think it's because I'm always doing 20 things at once! I push myself and have way too many goals...but I get them done as I know you do do.

Hugs and Merry Christmas!
Wasn't it terrible? I couldn't believe the wrecks on the news, thank goodness it was all gone by the time I went to work! I actually thought there wouldn't be very many customers...WRONG! Everyone called of and poor Tina had been on the register since ten and I went in at one!

I hope your cold isn't to bad, hopefully it will let up by Christmas eve!
Jenny said…
Well, gosh, at least he cooks you something good. My husband is the master of take-out! Which is good with me, too! Hope you're feeling better soon.