Little of this, little of that

Thank you everyone for all the prayers for my Mom. She had her heart cath and everything went really well. They did not have to do a stint and they think that just a change in medication will solve her problems. Great news!
A few more finished projects. I liked that last one and this person did not care what I did, so I made two more just like it. I have no idea why this picture is so blurry. Stopped at Claypoole's Fabric Store in Worthington on my way home from Ohio. That is where I bought the fabric for the boys' quilts and I didn't have enough left for the binding. Luckily they had the fabric left that I wanted for the binding. While I was there I found this. The boys are crazy for Tom and Jerry. Who would have thought that I could have found something with them on it. It was the last panel on the bolt. Another project before Christmas.
A woman in my Mom's quilting group was passing these sample books out. Apparently she has 800 of them. Hmmm, a kindred spirit. Anyway, my Mom got this one for me and is waiting to see what I come up with out of it. Any ideas? I have a couple swirling around in my head.

Finished this scarf for Jennifer. It is not really a Christmas gift though. Dianna is the only one now that does not have one like this. (I have one started that I think she will like)

And today we made a trip to the Strip District in Pittsburgh. It was sort of a multi-tasking trip. We went with friends and the guys wanted to eat at DeLuca's for breakfast (it was even in the Food Channel on Friday night) and I needed to get poinsettias for the church and Molly had a list of last minute wedding items for her daughter's wedding. While at the flower wholesaler, I picked up fresh cedar and eucalyptus. I love the smell of both of them and just arranged them in this basket on the table. My Mom made the fabric centerpiece underneath it several years ago and I love it buy didn't have it out for a couple of years. It worked great with these greens.


Good evening, Cathy,
I'm glad to hear the news about your mom. You always stay so the greens on your table.

Have a wonderful holiday season ~Natalie
so happy your mom is doing better. Very scarey waiting to find out anything.

the signs look really good. very nice job on those.

The table center center piece is so pretty. I love that.

Your scarf turned out really pretty to.

Have a wonderful sunday

Hugs Pam