Profound Wisdom of Rock and Roll

Yesterday morning on the way to church, I was telling my husband how I wanted things to be different this year. I had spent the morning making my lists for the year, organizing the projects that I would like to complete, refocusing on how I would like things to be in the coming year, reflecting on mistakes in the past year and trying to learn from them. I think that the past year had been particularly hectic. There was no time to do some of the things that I wanted or needed to do. Part of it, I am blaming on having the hysterectomy. Someone told me that I would "lose" the rest of my year after having it and while at the time, I did not believe her, I have since confessed those thoughts to her and told her that she was right. There was not time to work in my yard, it was a disaster! There was no time to ride my motorcycle! Not many miles on that odometer this year. Toward the end of the year, I was not even spending time with God in the mornings, just rushing headlong into my days. Out of those three things, they are all things that I do that seem to keep me centered and on track. Working in the yard is such therapy for me, there is not a more happy tired than sitting outside and seeing a neat, blooming yard. Shallow? Maybe, but better than any shrink out there. Riding the motorcycle is something that John and I do together, I missed that this year. Spending time reading my Bible and praying in the morning just starts the day off right. Where did I lose these things this year? So, as I am telling him all these things...or something to that effect, he looks at me, knowing the chaos that has always been my life and says "Whitesnake says it best....'Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known...'" So much for that conversation! Now that song is stuck in my head.


You have a good man there, his humor reminds me of Stush's to me love is better the second time around!
You will have to show pictures of your yard come spring or summer!
I can understand your need to have some order in your life or should I say a plan maybe....but plans don't always work out and that is sometimes a good thing.
Just do what you can each day and then those tasks will mean more....and you will then want to do more. Keep your list short and easy!

Hugs, karen
Balisha said…
I always do just what you are doing at the end of the year. I write them down, put them on my calendar and look at them all year. Some things I change and some just don't get done. Have a peaceful week before New Year's.
Jenny said…
It seems like the older we get ANY surgery results in so much loss of vitality. It's sad. But it sounds like you are revving up again girl! Good for you! 2010 is gonna be your year to kick butt again!
Lois said…
Isn't it sad how the saying "You don't know what you got til it's gone" happens to us all? The good thing is that all of us have a brand new year to start getting back the things that we lost *whether for a short time or long one). Or, we can start making and doing new things to enrich our lives in some way. Or we can continue on with what we are already doing if we're happy with what we've got.
Life give us so many choices.
We are so very lucky and blessed, arn't we?
Thanks for sharing Cathy.