Recliner Work

Our Sunday Lunch Menu consists of
Mixed Green Salad
Sun-Dried Tomato Bread with Artichoke Bruschetta topping (my contribution)
Crispy Skinned Baked Potato
Gorgonzola Bread Crumb Encrusted Delmonico Steaks
Cabernet Sauvignon

DELICIOUS! The steaks were done is a cast iron skillet, browned and then finished in the oven. They were perfect. Nothing better than a cooking husband! Why didn't I start all this handwork months ago instead of sitting and knitting every evening. I would have had it all done!

Well, not this. My Mom just mentioned about two weeks ago that she would like a penny rug for on the back of her commode. I took the plunge and cut it out Saturday, we'll see if it gets done.
And this is the start of Gracelyn's stocking for at home. It does not need done for Christmas though so I am not working as hard on it, although this little scarf that I am knitting for on the snowman is fascinating. I am hoping that I can knit the front of a little stocking cap to sew on it also. I have ideas for one for Shawnee and one for Brian AFTER Christmas. Wonder if the OTHER two families are going to want them also? Jenn? Di?

I laid out quite a few of these towels a few months ago and when I got all the stuff out of my sewing room on Saturday, I got down to these. Don't ask, it was really bad! Not sure who might get this one?

And Kendall's stocking. Last year, I decided to make these for the three grandchildren. I finished them on Christmas day. We had Christmas here the day after and Christmas Day is usually pretty quiet around here. I did not want to be finishing Kendall's on Christmas but was at a blank as to what to put on it. When I won the giveaway from Cath's Pennies Designs and received it, there was a click in my little brain and I ran to my sewing room and cut out candy canes. Thanks Cathy for the inspiration! I owe you big time!
OK, that picture will be on another post!

Now to get the stuff to fill them. We do stockings at our house. Stockings were always my favorite part of Christmas. My Mom would stuff the most fun things in our stocking and after all the presents were opened, the stockings were still such a treat. Sort of the dessert after a meal. I have always filled stockings for my girls and always tried to make them fun things as well as useful things. I have continued this tradition for my step-daughters, all except for the first year when Jenn didn't want a stupid stocking. As the other girls were opening theirs, she decided that she wanted one the next year. I fill them for the SIL's and for the grandchildren. This year, I have the girls filled already, they are the easiest to fill. The grandchildrens' are not hard, but the SIL's really take some thought. I am hoping to leave work early today and get to a "big" mall and finish my Christmas shopping!


Oh, what a meal that was, looks so good!
I fill Christmas stockings too, 7 of them, one year I said i wasn't going to do them for the older ones and my daughter who is 40 said that it wouldn't be Christmas with out them soooooooo I still do it! Girls are so easy to do the boy's are the hardest I think!
Have a Merry Christmas:)
Wow! Just when I'm thinking that MY husband is the very best one out there! Yours cooks!? And not just macaroni with Ragu sauce?!? :) Yours is a keeper too.

Your stockings are wonderful and I'm happy to unknowingly help you with the candy cane idea. You owe me nothing for that ... although your "keeper" coming over here to teach my keeper how to cook me a good meal would be nice!
I love stocking...gave the ones I had for my children to them when they left home. I need to make some for my home. Maybe this coming year!