The Cost of Getting Healthy - A Man's Version

The other day, my husband sat me down and asked me to record some numbers and add them up. Here is what he had:

Dick's Sporting Goods - New Running Shoes $ 89.99
Misc. Workout Clothing 175.49
Tractor Supply - New Winter Carharts 245.99
Cabela's - Hunting Clothes 312.99
M & M Leather - New Leather Bike Coat 249.99
Macy's - Various Church and Dress Clothing 935.67
Gym Membership 360.00
New Steeler Jersey 59.99
5K Registrations 45.00
Doctor Appt - to reduce medicines 180.00
Misc work clothing at Discount Store 200.00
Total $2,855.11

As I gasped in horror at what this little health kick had cost us over the past year, My dear, much thinner and healthier husband looked at me and said, "So what do you think the copay would have been on cardiac bypass surgery?"

Got's only money, right!


eeekj35 said…
it is so worth every penny- if you don't have your health you have nothing!! cute post!!
Jenny said…
Wow, such a thought provoking post - in a funny package. My favorite kind! It sounds like fun sports, too!
Grandma Nina said…
Wow! It sure does cost a lot to stay healty and look good, doesn't it? But as long as you can do it, it's definitelyl worth it. Good for you guys.