Do you have a pair of these?

They are not pretty,
They are not girlie,
They are not sexy,
They are not new,
They are not trendy,
They are not fashionable,
They are not even flattering,

But what they are.......

is WARM and DRY!!!

I bought these close to ten years ago. My feet were always cold, I always bought girlie boots and I bought cheap boots. These were a huge splurge for a single mom with two kids in college. I fought the justification of paying that price for shoes that were so ugly. They are 800 thinsulate, the highest that I could find in a woman's boot at the time and they are Gore-tex to stay dry and I have worn them and worn them and worn them. They required a huge search to even find warm women's boots, but they were and they still are the best shoe purchase I have ever made. We are going to a show in Pittsburgh today and I want to wear them there....but vanity will make me leave them at home today and my feet will freeze!


Kay said…
I hear ya with the boots! My collage-age daughter talked me into a pair of Uggs before Christmas... The only reason I spent the money for them was because she talked me into another pair for her as well, so I rationalized that if I could afford to buy them for her, I deserved a pair too. And am I glad I did. They are the warmest and most comfortable boot I have ever worn. I have almost completely given up dress shoes this winter! Enjoy your boots!