If you want to help.


I am glued to the TV and have no words for what I am seeing in Haiti right now. Having been there and having seen the conditions that the people live in, I cannot imagine how they will survive this catastrophe. They are going to desperately need help. I can personnally vouch for this organization, our pastor is on the board and all the money donated goes to feed Haitians. There are no paid board members, offices to maintain, etc. All of the money goes to food and the delivery of food. Please consider a donation. The need is so great!


I have to agree with you and we have been there a couple of times and have seen first hand the rough lives they live daily and then this....it's like an impossible situation to climb out of but with links like you posted there is hope.
Pray for all of them.
I've been in front of the TV also and my heart aches to see the devastation and look of hopelessness on the faces of those that survived. The news showed a young child just sitting in the streets alone because he had lost his family and had no one. I cry just thinking about that child. I wish he could come home to me. Thanks for the link. I do plan to do something to help.
Balisha said…
I wrote a post about this tragic thing yesterday. Hopefully we all can help in small ways. The children's faces really touch my heart.I posted their faces in hopes that they will touch others.
Laurie said…
How I wish I had the finances to donate. I've been watching also and the devestation is unbelievable. My heart, prayers, and hopes go to all.
Meggie said…
My sentiments exactly, Cathy! They had so little to begin with, then to lose it all...how sad!