Rest + Vitamins = Still Sick?

After the last bout of cold and throat issue, or should I say DURING the last bout, I bought multivitamins, vitamin d and c and started taking them everyday. After the antibiotics, I thought I was on the right track and surely I would not get sick the rest of the winter...wrong! I am down with the second cold, or maybe the first one never really got better and now I have another sore throat....or maybe the first one never really got better. Anyway, I am trying to rest as much as possible (thanks to nightly doses of Nyquil, gotta love that stuff) and still taking the vitamins (maybe they take awhile to kick in) and hopefully this round will not require another trip to the doctor and more antibiotics. Also hoping to get all healed up BEFORE I leave on our annual mission trip at the end of this month. Nothing worse than a cold when you are flying.
This is what the backyard of our shop looks like right now. For those of you that have never seen this, it is a drilling rig and they are drilling for natural gas. We had a well drilled there a couple of years ago and they hit high pressure gas and were unable to finish the well at the time because of all the pressure. It was quite a fiasco, with news teams and everything. They had to burn the gas off and that meant a 40 foot pole with flames shooting in the air. Not a happy sight for the neighbors there and certainly did not give us the Good Neighbor of the Year Award for that year. This time it is going off without incident so far and when I left work last night they were pulling pipe and finishing up. We have had free gas since they did that and when they came back out to redrill we had to be hooked up to public utility gas again. Amazing how much colder we keep the shop when we are actually paying for the gas! During my "rest" holiday between Christmas, New Years and the back to work day on the Fourth, I managed to finish another scarf, hat and this board. The hat is going in the donation bin, not sure about the scarf, and the board was an order.
Also finished some more squares for Warm-UP America. If you have a participating store near you, Michaels, JoAnns, etc, this is a great way to use up scrap yarn and do something good with it. I know that I have mentioned this before, but our Michaels has a group of ladies that meet once a month and sew these together and donate them to shelters. They meet during the day so I am not able to go and help, but I try to donate squares to them as often as possible.

Also managed to change my furniture around in my family room. I have had this desk under my stairway for the five+ years that I have lived here. I could not think of anywhere else to put it. I did a HGTV trick the other day and moved everything out of the room and then started with the biggest piece first and rearranged the room, working down in size and then down to lamps and accessories. Such a good feeling to have it all look different. It rearranged in a way that I never thought of before. Even Tyler, at four years old, walked in and said that he liked my "new" room.

And this is where it was before. The kids have all their books on the shelves under here and this makes a great "grandma" corner for them to play.


Praying that you get well long before the mission trip!! Get plenty of rest. I'm liking that "grandma" corner!!
Lois said…
Hi Kathy,
Like your new "grandma" corner. You can still read to them. I see a little chair there beside the rocker. Hope your feeling better. Nothing worse than not feeling yourself.

Carol K said…
Love the look of the rocker in the corner....

Hope you are on the mend from your cold. You are probably picking up germs that your body would normally fight off, but since you were in a state of recovery from the last cold, they found a weak spot they could attack.