Hey, Ma, look what I'm finally doing!

Hey Ma, remember back in the um, er, seventies when I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer? Remember all the schooling that you paid for? Remember how I never really used that schooling? Well, look at this finally! Thirty + years later and I still remember how to sew and I am using it.
Not for a career,
Not to make money,
But I sure am having fun with it! And who knew I had this much fabric? Well, of course only me as I tend to hide my stashes as much as possible.
But, now I am glad that I did hang on to all this fabric (and trims and lace and thread and ribbon and well you get the picture. I almost forgot where I had some of it stashed.) Under beds, in cupboards, in suitcases, and well let's just leave it at that.

And this one is my favorite so far. I love this combination of colors.

And now....I have to clean up my other upstairs. I have two, one for us and one for guests and my sewing room and that whole side of the house is a disaster area and I am getting company. Nothing like company to make you get your life in some type of order.
Here I go
Sweeper, check
Garbage bags, check
Dust rag, check
Pledge, check
Wait, I have an idea for just ONE more dress, first.


pammyjo said…
Just darling dresses! I love company, just for the very reason of cleaning deeper. LOL Not that I love it, but it gives you that lil extra incentive. Giggle.
Love those dresses.....is there a tutorial on the way? LOL! Yes, company has a way of opening my eyes to the mess. Ha! Ha1
Jody said…
What darling dresses! I can't even pick a favorite,as they are all just precious!
Jenny said…
Those are all just adorable. Great color combinations!