How I spent my Valentine's Day

I found this pattern for these little dresses at Notions by Nancy. They are called Dresses for Africa and my Mom's quilting group is making them. I immediately emailed the ladies that run the orphanage in Haiti that our church works at and asked them if these were something that they could use. They said that the kids always need play clothes and that they could also use some straight, elastic waist skirts also. Off to the sewing room I went this morning. I had one made before the first cup of coffee was gone. I had the boys for several hours today, but when they left at three, I went back to sewing.
This one was made from a pillowcase. That is what they suggest you using, but I have lots of fabric and just cut it, some smaller and some the same size as a pillowcase. This one was a curtain panel. I have tons of rick-rack and trims and lace, it is so nice to be using it all up.
And another one from a pillowcase.

and these were smaller pieces of fabric that were not as big as a pillowcase. Don't you just love that little bobby pin that matches. I am cutting 2" squares also as I cut out the fabric to make little barrettes to match them.

I would love to get a group organized at our church to make these. I think that we could also take them to the Dominican Republic. How nice for a child to get something new instead of all the hand-me-downs that get sent.
Next I need to find a pants/shorts pattern for little boys. Sure don't want them left out!
To read more about it, check out this blog.


dilneyk said…
What a wonderful idea. I am sure most of us crafters have lots of remnants we could use up.
Lois said…
You are one amazing woman!
Those are so cute and pretty, they will really put a smile on their face when they see them:)

Arlette said…
The dresses are so cute and they're going to make some little girls very happy. Bless your heart for caring about those that have so little. It's a great feeling to know that you've used my fabric flower hairpin idea to go along with the dresses. I'm quite honored!
Carol K said…
These are so are very creative. I know there will be many smiles on the little girls that get them.
Jenny said…
I love these. If you get this organized and can use FQ's let me know. I have quite a few I can donate. Maybe some yardage as well.
Jenny said…
Oh wait! I have probably about 10 yards of this cute yellow cotton with polka dots on it. Let me know.