Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury...

...I present the evidence.
1. The missing camera was found underneath the dining room table.
2. Logan and Gracelyn, both minors aged two years, heretofore to be referred to as the suspects, in this case were both seen sitting at the dining room table hours before the camera was missing.
3. The suspects were also heard talking and laughing and touching things on the table.
4. The camera, when found, had this evidence on it.

5. This evidence, taken of the computer screen was taken from the vantage point of Logan, heretofore referred to as Suspect #1.
6. Due to the lack of fingerprint evidence, both Suspect #1 and Gracelyn, heretofore to be referred to as Suspect #2, could be considered allies and therefore neither are above suspicion.
7. Although there is a lack of fingerprint evidence, there is evidence of stickiness determined to be apple. Both suspects were seen to be consuming and sharing an apple.

8. Neither suspect has been present for questioning from Gramma, however third party questioning from Mothers has not determined guilt.
Ok, you be the judge and jury. What should the punishment be?

Finished this table runner...and cutting strips for another one. These are fun to make.

I found this flower pattern on the Polka Dot Pineapple. I have not learned how to put those links into my blog, but there is a link on the sidebar.....right over there to the right -------->
Check out her blog, she has the greatest ideas. I am hooked on these little flowers. They are fun to make and use up scraps.

And the stack of dishcloths. The rectangles are for Warm-Up America. Google that if you have not already. It is a fun way to use up yarn scraps, try new patterns, and goes to a very worthy cause.

And finally....drum roll please! I have finally started the growth charts for Shelby and Shawnee. These are going to be so fun to do. The white that you see are the sketches for the things that I want to paint on them. Some of you may remember that I had a giveaway for suggestions of what to put on them. I wrote them all in my notebook at the time and just pulled them out and started sketching things in. I know that they look like nothing right now, but I can see them in my mind finished.

I watched the news all morning. I watched the cancellations and no where did I see our business closed for the day. Everything else within three counties is closed for the day. How could we still be open? The snow is blowing and it is nasty looking out there. How I would love to stay home today! Maybe early dismissal? Please!


I thikn the punishment should be a big hug and kiss, imagine the fun they had for a while:)

Love those grow charts and hopefully you get out early at work! It's terrible here too!

Suzanne said…
That's a whole lot of evidence stacked against them! ;o)
Molly Griffith said…
First of all, I say again, YOU ARE A WRITING GENIUS! Second, I am SO very jealous of your writing/crafting/artistic skills, and third, you need to keep those latch hook things and those posie things in mind for our women's retreat May 7 and 8. The ladies banquet is May 6 - Thursday.
Haha, hilarious! I'm glad you found your camera. At least it wasn't your cellphone with random numbers from all around the country being called!
The growth charts are looking wonderful. I can't wait to see them finished.
LindaS said…
Hugs and kisses for the punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patti said…
I agree with your friend Molly, you are a very gifted writer, love reading your stories. Lot's of hugs and kisses would be the punishment I would recommend too.
Lois said…
Glad you found the camera. Yah, hugs and kisses for punishment!!!
Too funny. But I shouldn't be laughing. Everytime I want something, my granddaughter has it somewhere else and I have trouble just keeping things where they're supposed to be!!!!!

Lois L.
BurttBunch said…
Glad the camera was found....and let that be a lesson to Gramma....when they are laughing and having a good time....see what is so funny..LOL
I agree...GREAT writing abilities!