Time Travel.

I love books and movies about time travel. They can be silly like the Back to the Future series, love stories like The Lake House and The Time Traveler's Wife, or almost gory like The Butterfly Effect. I will watch/read all of them more than once to get the little details out of them. The Time Traveler's wife is on Pay Per View and I am just waiting for a few free hours with the TV to myself to rent it. I read the book, but rarely do the movies have the same effect as the book, we'll see.
Thought I would share progress mostly on projects, nothing much that I have finished. These are the growth charts, there is progress, but slow. I can't seem to find the motivation to work on them. First of all, my painting room is right outside our bedroom and I am trying to keep that a quiet zone for John to rest as much as possible. With all the running to the hospital, my clumsiness, that always equals noisiness, would not be welcome right now.

My Mom brought this set to me on Monday that she made. I love these little make-up cases. They have a metal tape thingie in them and they snap closed. Not a very good description, I am afraid, but you buy the replacement tapes for carpenter type tape measures and cut them and put them in the top of these cases.

Dad has been very busy making hats. He makes them on a loom and obviously from this stack, he enjoys making them. I send them to shelters for him.

I am still using up all the extra yarn making these squares. The stack is really growing.

And I started another locker hook runner. This one is a little narrower, and much easier to hold and work on.

And one finished hat for me. Don't I look like a slacker compared to my Dad. I tried a new pattern for finishing the top, but think that I am going back to the one I was using before. It just shaped better than this one.

And I had to include the pic of what John is doing BETWEEN visits to the hospital. He really does not have to shovel that much, don't let this fool you, 98% of his snow removal career takes place from the seat of the John Deere.

For all of you that donated yarn for the yarn project in the Dominican, the yarn went on the trip even if I did not. I am hoping to hear news of the distribution of it today in church. I really appreciated all of you that helped with that project and I am sure that it is going to great use!
My mother in law was readmitted to the hospital on Friday evening. She had been at a short term rehab hospital for over a week and was doing well, but her kidney numbers were going up and she needed dialysis to remove fluid that was not leaving on it's own. They had dialysis available at the rehab hospital, but through the amazing logistics of some non-medical office person at her insurance provider, they felt that she did not qualify for the dialysis that she would only have to ride the elevator one floor down to receive and felt the need to transfer her, via ambulance, through eight hours in an emergency room in a city hospital on a Friday night and finally get her into a room at 4 in the morning. Excuse me if I don't see the logic or the $avings in that scenario. Common sense, people c'mon!


Jenny said…
I love that your whole family is involved in acts of kindness. Yay for you all!