Where could my camera be?

I am really trying hard not to obsess, but where could my camera be? It is always laying on the table by the computer. I took pics Saturday and downloaded them and haven't taken a pic since. It is ALWAYS right here! I have looked in my painting room, I have looked in my sewing room, I have looked everywhere "high" that I can think of, maybe someone put it up yesterday from Logan and Gracelyn. I have looked in the toys thinking that Logan and Gracelyn might have taken it. I have looked in all my cupboards thinking Shelby or Shawnee hid it from Logan and Gracelyn. Where could it be? Is it too early to call the girls? Of course it is, Shelby doesn't have school, I am sure she is getting some much needed sleep. Shawnee doesn't have Kendall today, I am sure she would not be happy if I called her, but where is my camera? So much for not obsessing.

I have things finished that I want to take pictures of...oh well...deep breath....someone set it somewhere...be patient...you will find it. But wait, I never found the ring of keys I lost over two months ago...calm...calm...calm...

Oh well, on to another story. Saturday, despite the state of emergency, despite two feet of snow, despite the warnings from the governor, state police and PennDot to stay off the roads or risk being arrested, we (well not me, my husband) decide to go to Pittsburgh anyway to visit my MIL. Dear hubby's reasoning? "I am not an idiot, I have four wheel drive, I know how to drive in the snow, if I barrel roll the truck down over an embankment, I will not ask for help, I will walk away and deal with it" So off we went. Me, nervously knitting the whole way. (I can make 1 1/2 dish clothes every trip to Pgh.) Let me just say at this point that PennDot was non-existent for this trip. Where could they be? We did not see one truck plowing anything!!!
We make it there, we visit, we eat lunch from vending machines because the people that run the cafeteria could not make it to work. Geez, if they would have called, we could have picked them up. I want to help in the cafeteria for the day, how fun would that be?
So we start home. The hospital/rehab center sits at the top of this BIG hill. We start down the hill and cars are coming up it blinking their lights at us, ( See they are out also, they can't all be emergency people) when we come upon this. This tree top is blocking the road. Everyone else is turning around and going the other way, except for the pick-up on the other side and us. The truck on the other side is wrapping a chain around branches and little by little they are getting branches broke at least. We jump out and start breaking and throwing branches over the bank. Fun entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. A crowd starts to develop and we are suddenly a work crew, talking and laughing, when all of a sudden the fun amps up considerably. A man and his son pull up on our side in a pearl white, shiny tricked out Denali. Mr. 100% City with a Redneck Alter Ego Lurking Somewhere Beneath the Surface jumps out and a little too excited announces that HE HAS A CHAIN! He has been wanting to use this chain for about the last, oh let's say 20 minutes since he bought it at Lowe's. Murmurs begin in the crowd, "Is he crazy" "That is not going to work" as he backs up the Denali, throws open the tailgate and pulls out his brand new, shiny, chrome chain from his neatly vacuumed, carpeted tailgate. Now I have seen chains, most of them are in grease stained canvas bags thrown in the back of dirty pick-ups, all well used, all with stories to tell. The only story that this one has to tell is how long it has sat on a shelf at Lowe's and how far of a ride it had in the shopping cart to the check-out. At any rate, he hooks the chain to the closest tree branch and instructs his son, (the stocking cap, texting on his cell phone 17 year old) to pull. Now to his credit, tree branches are cracking as the crowd scatters, the Denali is sliding sideways and the low profile tires on the chrome wheels are spinning. Not happy apparently with the teenager's driving skills, he hooks the chain up again and this time he jumps in the driver's seat and starts pulling. Branches let loose, they cracked and fell and scratched paint and basically beat up the poor vehicle. I walk up to the kid, who is still texting, and say, "So, would that happen to be your Mom's vehicle?" He rolls his eyes and fingers still moving on the phone says, "yep", I say "And how happy do you think she is going to be about this?" He says, "Not very"
Finally we get one lane clear and we drive over the rest and leave, laughing all the way.

Now where is that camera? Is is still too early to call anyone?


Ann said…
Cathy, I love your story about your trip to the hospital. I really am serious when I tell you should write a humor column for the newspaper! I always click on your blog first when I see new postings, because I know I will be smiling momentarily! Good luck with the camera - I'm always looking for "something" so I can relate. ~Ann
Oh, my goodness what a ride huh? There is always someone to stand out in a crowd and he sure was one! I'm sure is ears are sore from his wife verbal beating.lol

I haven't seen Penn Dot either of course I'm stuck up here in the woods, I have to get out of here today or go stir crazy.:)

I think you need to call the kids about the camara or retrace your steps to where you were taking pictures last...that always helps me!

Try and have a great day, I always enjoy your posts:)

Charmingdesigns said…
Whooweee, what a story...mamma is NOT going to be happy!! Destashing is NOT fun. But as I see things sell, it helps the energy, gotta keep going, going, going...
Lois said…
Hi Cathy,
It's 12+ hours later....did you find your camera?? Enquiry minds want to know???? Yes, you should write a book or something. It's like I was right there with you...laughing all the way!!!
Lois L.
Meggie said…
Cute story, Cathy! I hope you find your camera.