Winter pictures and textures!

Plowing, he whines, but I think that he enjoys it! Aren't these cute little hats on these?

The plow did not go by until 6 this morning.

Great textures!

Waiting for warmer days.

I think I am off to build a real one soon, the last call was Tyler "Gramma Cathy, do you want to come over and play in the snow with us, we can build a snowman?" How do you say "no"?

And can't you just see a face here?

No landscaping needed here.

And one more of the road.

This was the least amount that I found.

Our group, that I was to be with, is heading home from the Dominican today. I think they might have an extended trip. I guess that there are worse things than being stuck where you can see palm trees and the Caribbean.
Off to build a snowman!


Grandma Nina said…
It's so pretty, Cathy, isn't it? You got a little more there than we did here. I think we have about 10". Have fun with your grandson and take a picture of the snowman.
Oh My, You have had a lot of snow. Have your schools been closed this week? It's a good thing you have plenty of projects to keep you busy when you are home-bound!

Happy Weekend ~Natalie
What beautiful snow - as long as one isn't out driving in it.
Stay warm and enjoy your snowman building.
Beautiful pictures. We were lucky enough to avoid the storm. Stay warm and safe and have fun building a snowman!
Yes,I think they love it...Stush is out there now on his:) It is pretty though:)

Balisha said…
Have fun Cathy...that photo of the wreath on the fence is beautiful.