I have included the links at the bottom of this post for the info on these flowers. Ever the one to try to figure out how to make any project into a recliner project, I had to think on this one for awhile. While I enjoy the burning and putting them together, it was cutting and measuring all those squares that I didn't like doing. Then it came to me. I cut the smallest circle out of the lining fabric. Did I mention that these are made from the linings of the wool jackets that I cut up yesterday? Anyway, back to the smallest circle. Cut it about the size of a quarter, then pin it to the lining in another area with a straight pin. Cut the next circle a little bigger, pin both of those back on the lining and cut again. These don't have to be precise, they are better if they are a little wavy. Read either of the links for the rest of the steps. The next one for these involves a candle and while I would love to burn all of these tonight, dear hubby just went to bed and I really don't think he will find a lot of humor in the smoke detector going off. Hmmm, I could go to the basement, but I really should go to bed and get my beauty sleep.
Fun things to make and FREE! Yes, FREE!!! I am really into this recycling, FREE thing lately.
Oh yeah, one last tip. Make sure that your lining has some man-made fabric in it. I cut and cut and cut this great feeling fabric and when I tried to burn it, it was silk and it didn't melt right.


Suzanne said…
These are great! Your idea of cutting them out is a great one. Yes, the fabric has to be synthetic to "melt." I loved seeing the end results!
Amber said…
I love them! They would look great on a shirt or pinned to your handbag.