They are on my mind this year. They are one of my favorite flowers and I have never planted any. So this is the year. I have all that space along my garage where we ripped out the shrubs a week or so ago and I can see these lovely blooming glads all along there. Hopefully my minimal green thumb will allow them to look something like these.
We have a funny story in our family involving gladiolus that has been told over and over. I am going to share it with you here. Ok, my kids who have heard it already many times can just finish reading this blog now and go dust and sweep or something. Someone else might just actually find this funny if it is the FIRST time that you heard it instead of the SEVENTY-FIRST time that you have heard it.
My paternal grandmother suffered from very early dementia. At the time the word Alzheimer's was not even heard of, at least it was not ever mentioned in her case. She was in her 40's when the signs started appearing and that was in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Early on, some of the things that she did have made for some funny, quirky family stories.
She had made spaghetti sauce one day for my step-grandfather (note that this was before the days of Ragu) and as he was eating it, he was raving about how good this spaghetti sauce was. As he went on and on, he asked her what she had put in it that was so different, that made it have such a good taste. She explained that she used a lot of that garlic that was hanging in the basement and that had to be what was different. My step-grandfather explained that there was no garlic in the basement and she kept insisting that there was. Finally, she took him to the basement to show him what was left of the garlic....and...see where this is going? She has used her gladiolus bulbs in the spaghetti sauce!
Today, I am off to my Mom's quilter's guild for their annual tea. I am stopping on my way home for gladiolus bulbs. I'll be keeping them far from the crock of garlic on the counter, just in case I have some of my grandmother's genetics.


pammyjo said…
Glads are so neat, I'm hoping when we get our yard and around the new garage/deck in order I'll find a place for some. Love the grandma story. My mom had alzheimers, and we had some wonderful funny stories. You had to laugh some, for there was so much saddness associated with it. The sauce story was awesome. LMBO
Suzanne said…
Well that is a version of spaghetti sauce that even Martha hasn't offered! So funny. Hope you find just what you're looking for! I love glads too!
Laurie said…
Ha Ha!! That's funny Cathy, keep yours labeled ok?
I think this is just the funniest and SWEETEST story...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS FAMILY MOMENT....I'm filling in my own version of what Gramps replied with! lol

Well now those flowers bring back memories. I grew up in the early 50's and 50's so Glads were a mainstay for flowers in gardens back then and I love them.
I have to say they were my mother's FAVORITE and she requested them for her funeral...which she knew was coming soon for her...she had this was her wish to have GLADS FOR HER FUNERAL FLOWERS....such a beautiful spray they made.

Thanks for the memories...
Sher said…
What a sweet story! Thank goodness Gladiola bulbs aren't poisonous (or, at least I don't think they are).
Meggie said…
What a funny story! Everytime I use garlic I will think of your grandmother. Good luck with planting the gladiolus. They sure are beautiful and colorful. Keep us posted. Perhaps the green bubblegum gave you a green thumb....
Carol K said…
Love this story....thanks for sharing.