Grandma's Chair

Grandma's Chair might be getting too small for all of them to sit in it together. It is so hard to get all four of them to sit together so I guess if we just cram them all together and they can't move, it is a good time for a picture! We had our Easter celebration with our family on Friday night. They hunted eggs in all the disaster area that we call our yard right now. Dirt and Mud and holes and ditches, but it was alright, the mess doesn't seem to bother the little ones.
They hunted eggs.

And some were up high enough only for the tallest one to reach.

And SOMEBODY (Dianna) thought that Kendall needed a BLUE peep. Her little blue face was so cute!

They roasted marshmallows. The kids got us this fire pit for Christmas. I love it! John likes it also, but he calls it a yuppie fire pit. He warned Brian not to bring us any of that "redneck" firewood, that it would not fit in our "yuppie" fire pit. Gracelyn, who is normally scared of Uncle Chris, even got close when it meant he was going to help her roast marshmallows like Max and Ruby did.

And now for the confession part of the post. I have had this NEW project in my head for several weeks. I'll admit that some of them were feverish thoughts brought on by the sickness. I have been saving fabric pieces for this project, although I don't have near enough, but first, I made a deal with myself to not start it until this project was done.
These pennies have been cut for so long and I was so close to finishing it and then the deal breaker was that Mom was here and she could "help" me start the new project. So yesterday, after getting up early, driving to Pittsburgh for the lilies and hyacinths and tulips for the church, coming home and decorating the church, eating lunch, then looking at these pennies......I broke my own deal....

And started the next project.

I couldn't wait. It is spring and I want to touch bright colors and cotton! Not dark colors and wool.

I have wanted to start this I SPY quilt for so long. Squirreling away little bits of fabric for this has been so fun. I see something and think about the child that will like finding that.

Hexagons seemed like the perfect thing to try. Mom is making a true Grandmother's Flower Garden with them right now. Hers are a lot smaller and way more organized than this is going to be.
This one is really addictive though. I am embarrassed to say that Mom and I started on working on these at about one yesterday and other than a supper break, we worked until after nine last night on them. It was a fun, relaxing quilting day with my Mom though and we both enjoyed it.

She teased me that I would be up early this AM working on it and I am going to try to get a few more stitches in it before church this morning.
I am going to fall far short of having enough fabric for it, but it will give me something to search for over the summer and Mom will keep her eyes open with her quilter friends and scarf pieces for me here and there.

I have been singing all the Easter hymns in my head for days.
What peace to know that we serve a risen Lord! I wish all of you a very Blessed Easter. I hope that spring brings each of you a chance for renewal and refreshment.


Happy Easter!
I love the penny rug project and what child wouldn't just love the hexagon quilt:) Beautiful grandchildren especially the blue face and I love the redneck fireplace!

Laurie said…
Hi Cathy! What cute pictures of your family fun! I love the quilt you're working on, the fabrics are so cute. Open for some donations?