Ladybugs, Lime Green Bubblegum and White Carpet

First of all, have you heard the song Fireflies, by Owl City? It has been playing on the radio for awhile now. In the interest of not being sued for plagiarism, I won't put the lyrics here, you will have to search it to hear it.

My mind keeps changing the lyrics. I can't help it. I keep singing it my own way.

You would not believe your luck,
If 10,000 ladybugs,
just up and died right on your rugs.

'Cause they fill my bedroom up
and even my coffee cup.
You'd think I'd try to vacuum them up,

That's all the lyrics that I have managed to come up with so far. Sure, I'm not a lyricist, (wait until I try to spell check that one) but the song just keeps swirling in my head.

You see, seven years ago when we added on to our house in the pre-blissful matrimonial state that we were in, I thought white carpet would be so nice in our bedroom. After all, do you really need to wear your shoes in there? And the skylights, or should I say LadyBug Attractors, well the sun would not fade the white carpet. All the justification that I needed.

Well, my dear husband does not always remove his shoes. I, on the other hand have been known to crawl on my hands and knees to my nightstand to get something I forgot.

The Case of the Lime Green Bubblegum.

A few years ago, John and one of his buddies were on their way home from Florida on the motorcycles. Wisely, I was on a plane, because the last 500 miles of their trip involved some remnants of a hurricane. They rode from Charlotte, North Carolina to Pennsylvania in the pouring rain. When he arrived home, proud that his rain suit had held other than the wet place on his leg where he had burned the rain suit on the exhaust pipe, he loaded everything in my car for the ride from the garage where we keep the bikes to our house. (Would you not think that a four car garage at our house would be big enough for two motorcycles? Another post for later.)
That is where I first noticed the trail. Something green, not grass green, but fluorescent, honking LIME green on the carpet in my car. Later, I saw it in the entry way by the door, through the kitchen, through the family room, up the stairs and into the WHITE carpeted bedroom. Honestly, how far can you trail green bubblegum? And how many states ago did he pick it up? And why, WHY? could he not have picked it up in Florida and deposited it in the hotel in Charlotte? or maybe he did? Maybe he trailed it for 1000 miles home from Florida.

At any rate, the lime bubblegum just joined the coffee that I have spilled and the Great Ladybug Massacre that have all happened on the white carpet that I had to have. Can anyone see the need for a wood floor? I can.

Hey, I even spelled lyricist right!


Ann said…
Cathy, When I read the title of your post all I could think was "Oh no, what did the little boys do?" HA HA! Guess it wasn't a little boy. My kids love the song by Owl City, I'm going to have to tell them your lyrics. I'm sure they won't laugh like I did since they don't vaccuum! Have a good weekend. ~Ann
LOL, oh Cathy this is just too funny...but for you maybe NOT...but we have white carpet in OUR FAMILY ROOM of all places! And we also get the paths of 'who knows what....AND THOSE LADY BUGS...they sure do love the skylights....they are always nesting in ours...I think the warmth of the sun .... I usually sweep them down and then scoop them up and toss them outside....I'm afraid they'll breed in my vacuum! lol

Jenny said…
Oh boy - bubble gum and white carpet definitely not a good combination! Have a wonderful weekend!
Suzanne said…
Your posts are always so amusing -- love them! You know, I see great potential for a room makeover here! Good luck!
Meggie said…
I LOVE lime green, but not on my white carpet. Do you have any hints to share about its removal?