Paying attention in church?

You see, I had this shirt on. I have had this for years and wear it about once a season, probably because it is the most uncomfortable shirt that I own. Could not move in it without it gapping and showing things that need not be shown. As I was sitting there, the thought came to me, "Hey, I'll bet this would make some neat flowers" So I came home and after a bit of a Sunday afternoon nap, (don't happen often, but I love them!) I started cutting. Lots of them ready to be burnt, but I only finished the two shown here. Oh, and I also put together all the other ones shown here.
And worked on the I Spy quilt some more. At one point, my aunt sent me a photo of the I Spy quilt that she had made as well as her leftover fabric and when I saw hers, I debated tearing mine apart and starting over, but then common sense set in and I kept moving on this one.

Hope that everyone has a great week. Please remember to scoot down a few posts and enter the giveaway.


Suzanne said…
So funny! You know, I have a few shirts that are just uncomfortable enough that I think they would make great flowers too.
Laurie said…
Brilliant Cathy! I love the flowers, the shirt fulfilled its true purpose!