Steps to a moon & Saturday's projects

Still working on the growth charts, I tackled the moons on them this morning.
Base it in in Gray. Sketch in the details.

Highlight with White.
Shade with darker Gray and add some drybrushed Blue.

Finish details, drybrush with metallic Silver and speckle with Silver.

Tops finished which is great because I had to prop them and work as a contortionist to paint them.

These are for in my Christmas cards for church next year. They are going to be refrigerator magnets. I would like to give credit to the artist, but have no idea who the designer was. I was given the line drawing from a friend, thanks Marie! Now for the next 30 or so of them. Good thing I have started early.

And these apples. I started painting these trees for people some twenty odd years ago and I still get calls for more apples to keep the trees updated.

And some ornaments going into the inventory for the Fall Open House. And actually it did snow here today! Did I cause that?

And more items. The tavern board and the canvas were almost finished sitting in my paint area. Do you recognize the box from the yard sale finds in the last post?

And the bottoms of the growth charts are done. I only have about a one foot section in the middle of each one to finish.

Please, please PLEASE enter my giveaway, two posts down. A giveaway with only six entries? It could cause me to have a complex.
And the funny story of the day. I have been working on the basement on and off for several days now, tidying and cleaning and organizing. I finished the project today, finally! When my dear husband returned from his half marathon today, I asked him if he saw the basement and he said "Yes, it is coming along nice, I can't wait to see it done."


Amber said…
You always get so much done, Cathy! Everything looks great, as usual!
Lois said…
Yes, Cathy, you always seem to get so much done. Do you have little paint fairies there with you???? I want some too!!!! lol Love the growth charts. And the snowmen too!!!!

Lois L.