Steps to a snake and the first yard sale!

I finally am getting back to the growth charts that I started so long ago, or at least it seems like a long time ago. The calendar in my painting area had not been changed since February. That is a long time for me to not pick up a paintbrush. This morning I decided to tackle the book worms, which really ended up looking more like the book snake, but that's OK.
Base it in with Yellow Shade with Antique Gold and a bit of Light Cinnamon. Highlight with yellow and Ivory.
Some nice Red stripes, shaded with Maroon and highlighted with a little drybrush of Yellow.
Some Black details, and those are done. Did I mention that I am making two of these at the same time?

And the first yard sale finds of the season, Box $1, Old Hymnal .50 and bundle of ric rac and trims .50. Not a huge haul, but it broke the ice on this season's shopping.

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Suzanne said…
Ohhh, I loved seeing the progression of your painting. So wonderful! He definitely looks like a worm by the time you are finished!
Cute bookworms! My hubby and I are going thrift shopping tomorrow. Can't wait!