Synopsis of a 52nd Birthday

Up at 6:00, and I might add, that is actually a luxurious sleeping in time for me, make the coffee, lay out breakfast stuff.
Shower and off to meet Shelby to get Kendall for the day.
Kendall fed and changed and off to work for me, leaving Kendall alone with Great Gramma for the day.
Wonder why this shirt is not fitting just right?
Yank at that bra a few times.
Work, phone, print and stack shirts, making signs.
Wait! That design goes on the front of the shirt and not the back!
Dad is cleaning my car inside and out! What a great present!
Call Jenn for her rug scrubber, no answer.
Print more shirts, yank at that bra.
Call Jenn again, no answer.
Friend Dave arrives, birthday wishes, tons of birthday wishes on Facebook (a very fun thing about Facebook)
Jenn arrives with flowers, the boys bring me the greatest card! They have plastic bows and arrows for entertainment at work today and arrows start flying EVERYWHERE!
Print more shirts, answer more phones, yank at this stupid bra again.
Run home and check on Kendall and Gramma, grab leftover pizza for lunch.
Nana Marilyn arrives at the shop
Rescue a pool noodle from the shirt dryer.
More arrows flying.
Tyler to kindergarten screening,
Drag Logan to the potty about five times and now he thinks it is funny to make himself entirely limp when I try to pull his pants up.
Indigestion from the pizza, yank at this stupid bra again.
More shirts, go get the mail, UPS, start unpacking 6 huge boxes of shirts,
The sign computer won't work.
Draw a car wash on the floor with sidewalk chalk and give Logan a spray bottle and a rag. The next hour is spent washing all of his little cars over and over (what entertainment)
Take Tums for the indigestion.
Run home to check on Kendall again, have a drink of wine to try to help the indigestion.
Jenn back, take boys and arrows home.
Yank at this bra one more time and head to the bathroom to see what is wrong. Apparently in my haste to start this blessed day, I have the front twisted around twice. Wouldn't you think by 52 years old and about 40 of those years spent wearing a bra, not counting the post high school years when I didn't think that I needed one, I would have figured out how to put one on right by now.
Work, work, work, finally for about 1 hour straight without potty checks, etc and then Shelby calls and it is time to take Kendall halfway to meet her. Shelby gives me this lovely watch for my birthday and cards from her and Ryan and Kendall.

Back to work and at five we leave for the day. I had plans to work late in the quiet, without the confusion and John decided it was time to relax and have dinner.
Home from the restaurant, I found this in my mailbox.
My friend, Molly sent me Gladiolus bulbs! What a nice surprise!

Laundry, about two hours counting change for my "mad" money for my quilter's weekend this weekend coming and a piece of birthday cake that my Mom and Dad brought me. A phone call from the little princess that is in Florida and my day was to bed. Whew, another one in!
Just had to include this picture of Kendall playing the piano. Hard to believe she will be one year old in another month. Where did that year go?
My Mom and her quilting friends have included me in their weekend at Sauder Village in Ohio this coming weekend. I am excited to go, Friday includes a shop hop, Saturday at the Village and Sunday home. I am hopefully going to get to meet Ann from A Hole in the Basket also while I am there. So fun to meet people in person that you only usually see online!


Sher said…
Happy belated birthday! When July 26 rolls around, I'll be ten years older than you!
Sounds like you had a busy but great birthday!!! Glad you got that bra problem straightened out...LOL!! You are just too funny!!! I love coming here to visit. Happy Birthday!!
Lois said…
Happy Belated Birthday. Yes, love your stories!!!!
Lois L.
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
Happy (belated)Birthday.
It seems like you had a good one.
I had mine on the 23rd and my day and weekend was as busy as yours. it seems the older we get the faster time flies.
Your still a baby though...I am 3 years older than you. I think I am sticking at 55 for a few years anyway...LOL!
Have a great weekend!