A whole week!

Where did it go?
It is Little League Season. We have a screenprinting and embroidery business and there are three seasons that we know we are going to be extremely busy. They are Little League season, the two weeks before our local fair, Dayton Fair Season and of course, Christmas. Little League Season is in full force and with John, the ever present voice of reason and customer relations expert, gone two to three days a week now, it has added to my job description at work. So far, so good, I am keeping my head above water.
I am really enjoying whatever painting time that I am getting. I had three of these in the stash, one already painted and finished this one this week. Anyone know what they are? I do, just testing. Found these bunnies in the last issue of Quick and Easy Painting and they are so much fun to paint. They are a Monika Brint pattern and truly are quick and easy.

This is the top of the box and another plaque that I painted. I tried antiquing the plaque at Shawnee's suggestion and I like it. Hopefully, I will get around to doing the box at some point also.

An order for a customer for a baby shower. Wonder when I can get all those other orders done that are sitting around here? I could probably use the $$$ for the quilt weekend I am going on next weekend. Turn the painting into fabric, the circle of life.

And just one more reminder. These are the giveaway items and all you need to do is post a comment on the giveaway post to be entered to win them. I will draw the winner on Sunday.

I am off to do some stretches, eat some protein and take my vitamins. All four of my grandchildren are showing up today for the day. How fun! Now where are those energy bars? Do they still make Vivarin?


Jody said…
I just love seeing your painted projects! I love them all, but really love that saltbox house! Beautiful!
pammyjo said…
OMGosh ... love love love the bunny stuff. So springy! :)
First off I do believe the first item is a yarn winder??? And you painted it so beautifully.

Love your blue bunny boxes...you have such a great talent.

Hugs, karen
Sher said…
I'm loving those cute bunnies!!