The winner is..

Carrie from Burtt Bunch! Congratulations to Carrie. I actually met Carrie a couple of weeks ago after "talking" to her here and on Facebook.
Friday was the first day that I kept all four of my grandchildren for the day. Luckily, I had help from Faith who is here visiting us for awhile. Don't tell my kids, but I really don't think that I could have done it alone!

Toward the end of the visit, they thought that it would be fun to play in Grandma's t-shirt yarn that she has magically kept a secret in this copper boiler for months. Do you think a new hiding place is in order?

I would have liked to think Kendall would have been too young to join in, but she was right there having fun with them all.

Saturday night, Faith and I created this jewelry carrier for her. She needed something to carry it in when she travels so we designed this for her.

I think I might have to make myself one.

And then it all wraps up neatly.


Congratulations, Carrie, You are a lucky Girl!!

Oh...if I had grandchildren, I'm pretty sure I'd like it best if they visited one at a time too!!

Happy Spring ~Natalie
BurttBunch said…
I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! I feel blessed to know you and happy to have finally met you! You inspire me to be creative although I don't act on it....=)
Lesley said…
Sounds like you had a good time with grandkids and thank goodness for people like Faith.
Love the jewellry roll up case. Something like that would be good for paintbrushes too. come over to my blog and see what YOU made me do. LOL
Jenny said…
Congratulations Carrie! Wow, that looks like a crazy time at your house!