300th post!

Who would have ever thought? Boy, do I talk a lot!
Nothing monumental to tell, to mark the occasion, just the same old blah, blah, blah that I normally do, read more by family and friends than anything. Thanks for reading, thanks for your comments (I love comments), thanks for giving me an ear to vent, to tell, to brag about my grandchildren, to show my "creations" and to air the day to day stories!
A late birthday present from the Disney travelers. Shawnee stitched this pillow for me. I had seen this on a plaque somewhere and have always wanted it somewhere in my house. It will sit in my recliner. I love it! And for the weekend. No, this is not me, but here are my weekend plans. I will be walking my first 5K on Saturday. After John finished the half marathon on Sunday, we all thought is was over, the training, the talking, the PREACHING! Then he starts searching for the next run. I know he was, I know how to look at the history in the computer. Realizing that this is not going to be over and if I ever have hopes of us having anything in common in the future, I had better raise my ever widening, happy to be in the recliner butt up and get moving. Tuesday began my official entry into the running world. Oh, I have done this before and usually after two weeks or maybe a month, I quit. I may do that again, who knows? I did my normal walk on Tuesday, 1.5 miles over hills, up and down, then on Wednesday, ran and walked (probably more walking) the horse track six times around, talk about boring, but at least it was flat. That was 3 miles, almost a 5K. Yesterday was a chore to get out of bed and drag myself to work. Everything hurt. Really, did he run THIRTEEN miles?
I walked another almost 3 mile circle last night and today I get to rest.
Saturday, I will be walking with Shelby and Kendall. She carries that adorable, not so little bundle in the backpack. Guess you have to be young. Then on Sunday, I am signed up to run in the Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh. I am sure that will be more walking than running though also.

But today, I am going to the Amish Flower Auction. I am bugging out of work for a couple of hours to do what I REALLY like to do. Buy flowers for my yard, and start planting.
It is really too bad that gardening, knitting, sewing and painting are not exercise, I would be so in shape. I don't think that girl in the picture up there got that way with a crochet hook in her hand.


Amber said…
Cathy - You go girl! You can do it! And it will make you feel so good (even if it does hurt a little!) :)

Where is the Amish flower auction and what exactly is it? Sounds like something right up my alley!
Laurie said…
You're so funny Cathy! I don't think she got that way either, unless she ran and crocheted at the same time, which I doubt! I've started jogging myself, a 5k is my goal though in may take a couple years!
pammyjo said…
You will be such a trim and fit knitter, artist, crafter. You go girl. You crack me up!!! I need to get my flowers going. :) Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!
Would love to see you at the Fargo Marathon!

Have a Happy Mother's Day Weekend. ~Natalie
Meggie said…
The Race for the Cure is such a fun event and for such a good cause. Let us know how thing go. Happy Mother's Day!