Around the yard

I managed to spend a few hours working in the yard yesterday. What therapy, what mind cleansing, and wow is there a lot more to be done. It was hard to find a stopping place, but the smell of the grilling chicken sucked me in and made me stop.
Anyone know what this plant is? I have TONS of it. It is growing everywhere and I am yanking tons of it out to make room for some annuals. Pretty, but very invasive! A little patch of phlox left.
Love this tree!

Lots more yellow and purple than I realized I had.

I know it's a weed, but still a pretty flower!

Anyone else think that the iris are having a bad year? Mine are.

Flower on the chives, aren't they pretty?

And two years ago, I convince my husband to rip out the ugly shrubs that were in this space for at least a hundred years. Last year it looked sparse, but this year they are really filling in. Hubby's comment yesterday. "I kept telling you that we should rip out those shrubs!"

The other side. I have some impatiens tucked in around these, they will look pretty when they fill in.

Love this little area, but it never got any attention last year. It really needed cleaned out.

And you have to love the rhododendrons! Wish that they bloomed all summer!

And more purple petunias waiting to be planted. Maybe this week.

Thanks for going along on the tour. Lots more to do, but it is sure nice to see progress.
Have a great Sunday!


Laurie said…
How pretty Cathy! I loved your tour, it motivated me to get out and freshen up the flower beds I haven't been able to get into because of the rainy, cold weather! Thanks for a great post!
Very pretty Cathy...thanks for the tour!
luv2teek said…
Hi Cathy,

Finally took some time to catch up on some blogs and have almost made it through all 15 of your unread posts--long time since I viewed your blog! The first pic of the mystery flower is sweet woodruff. Just thought I'd share in case you hadn't found out what it was yet.

Have a good weekend...Bev