Congratulations, What an Accomplishment!

First of all, Congratulations are in order for my husband. He completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon over the weekend. Not a life-long runner, he started this training this winter after running several 5k races last year. With all the difficulties that we faced this winter, he persevered and continued his training in between the busy schedule of daily hospital visits to Pittsburgh for seven weeks and the new "normal" that our life has become of running to dialysis treatments and trying to balance our business along with the chaos that our lives already were before all this happened. It took a lot of work and determination and this medal is just a small token for him of the sense of accomplishment that he has. I am so proud of him! Unfortunately, I could not be there with him this weekend. I had made plans for spend the weekend with my Mom in Ohio for a quilt show and shop hop. The plans had been made, rooms booked before we realized that not only was it the same weekend as the marathon, it also was Tyler's first t-ball game. I don't know which one I felt worse about missing! So many family obligations to consider!
First the purchases of the weekend, then tomorrow the quilts! The quilts were amazing and I had been at other shows where you could not take pictures. This one was not like that and I took tons of pictures. They were so inspiring.

Logan is three today. He loves carrying around little animals and he loves the Chipmunks. I found these at the gift shop at Sauder Village and thought that they were perfect for him.

Yard sale finds. What trip would be complete without several yard sale visits? After I bought these for next to nothing, we were at an antique shop (because what trip would be complete without a couple of antique shops also) and I saw the Cinderella book wrapped in plastic, with a price tag of lots of $$$$. Now I am second guessing about handing it to a two year old. I try to pick up books for Shelby's 6th grade class when I see them.
About 5 or 6 years ago, I was at Sauder Village and bought these icicles for my Christmas tree. I loved them and wished that I had bought more. I found them again and the ladies I was with also bought some. They sparkle so pretty on the tree. Now, where to put them so that I find them again at Christmas time?

Purses, everywhere! I just kept seeing patterns at every shop we stopped at. Finally at Threads of Tradition in the village, I broke down and bought a pattern and fabric for one. Isn't that bright and pretty? When am I going to get that done? It looks like a lot of directions and structure for me.

Then at a quilt shop in Bryan, Ohio...can't remember the name of it, I found this material for another purse. It was on sale! The best kind of fabric! I may use this as a test before I cut into the good material.

And at a shop in Norwalk, Ohio, I found all these fabrics for the I Spy quilt and the store owner was willing to cut 1/8 yards for me. Very nice of her!

At one of the antique shops that we visited, the owner guided us to an old service station turned into a fabric shop. It was packed and I mean PACKED with home decor fabric. Everything was $4 per yard. I really need to go back there. All of this fabric was a total of $10. It is going to be used for walker bags and maybe a purse or two. The shop was also in Norwalk, Ohio and my dear husband is going there at the end of June with the guys for a drag race. Do you suppose he can stop there and get more fabric for me? We'll see.

This piece was in the stash forever. Finally got it painted last week.

Tomorrow...the quilts.


Amber said…
Sounds like you had a great time even though you had to miss the marathon and the tball game. Where exactly is this place in Ohio that you went? Sauder village?
Lynn said…
Beautiful piece, Great Stroke work, that is what my CDA is in and I love stroke work!!! Isn't it nice to get a piece in your stash done!!
Patti said…
Congrats to John. My Daughter-in-law is getting back into shape after Ben to run half marathons again so you will have something in common when you meet her in June.
Laurie said…
HUGE congratulations to your husband Cathy, what a major accomplishment!
Your finds are great! Have fun creating now!
Jenny said…
Wow, boy am I jealous! Looks like you scored a lot of good finds! Also, congratulations to your husband!
Lois said…
Sounded like a nice weekend, even tho you missed the other events. Sooo many things going on at one time anymore!!!! I have that Cinderalla book when I was a kid and now read it to my granddaughter. Wanna see what you make with your new material.
Lois L.