Photos of a Party?

It always happens like this, I take my camera, I take a picture and then people start to arrive and I forget to take any more pictures.  Thank goodness the girls remember and will give me some, hopefully.  It was a great party, the weather was perfect and everything tasted yummy.  A perfect summer evening.  This morning, bright and early, I painted this board for all the kids to have a "photo" moment.  They loved it and they all posed in it to get their picture taken. 

Tomorrow is a completely FREE day!  Woohoo!  I can't wait!  

I hope that you are all enjoying your holiday weekend! 


Lynn said…
I left a Blog award for you at my blog hope you enjoy it, Pass it on to your favorites...
Looks like you had a great party and graduation!!!
Laurie said…
You know I love the cake, but this photo op board is sooooo cute!!! I love your talent Cathy!!
What an adorable theme for the party - you really did a great job on it and hope you get some pictures to share with us.

BurttBunch said…
That photo board is ADORABLE!!!! You should set that out at the are SO talented!! Wish my kids had a grandma like you...LOL
Lois said…
Kathy, you are so talented!!! That is such a cute idea. Everything looks great!!!
Lois L.