Relaxing for Memorial Day

My Mom gave this pattern to me yesterday so that I could try a few of these and I sort of went on a roll with them this morning.  The top is a snap top and you use a cut up carpenter's rule in the casing. 
I decorated a few with some things laying around my sewing room .

My mother-in-law needs a baby gift so I started this for her and put the I Spy quilt on the back burner for awhile. 

I did get up early enough for an early morning run.  I have been running now for almost a month and have logged close to 40 miles this month.  Some mornings it is really hard to get up and go and some mornings..well I just don't.  Sometimes I think I am way too old to be doing this and there should be a top 5 list of why I shouldn't be doing this.
1. When your knees hurt too bad to get up the stairs to go to bed at night. maybe you shouldn't be running. 
2.  When you realize that as you run, your arms are flapping like butterfly wings...maybe you are too old to run.
3.  When you are running craft projects through your head as you are panting up the next hill...maybe you are too old to run.
4.  You realize that the high-tech stop watch that you dear husband bought for you is way too high tech for you and you are trying to get the kitchen timer on a lanyard instead...maybe, just maybe you should stay in the recliner.
And number 5...
When you have to arrange your boobs in your first ever sports bra so that the nipples are close to the same might be too old to run (or maybe I just need to stick to baggy t-shirts)


Gayle said…
Love those little pouches you're making! Can you share what pattern you used? And where you got the snap closures? They would be fun to make!
pammyjo said…
Love these little pouches. Just precious. Wish I could sew! LOL
Laurie said…
What a funny post!! Ah yes #5..We women here refer to them as "Marti Feldmans" when they're off center!
I love your little pouches. Vintage looking. We recently bought a MOBIA threadmill....I've been trying every day to get on it....but I think I could add several more "reasons" not to get on it to your list!!!!