Stay and Play

After a particularly stressful week at work, last minute orders, lots of non-profit jobs, mistakes that cost us $$$, and two classes of sixth graders to print their own shirts, John thought a run would clear my head. He was right, it did, although is the hurting in my legs this morning worth it? Somewhere in the middle of all that, I remembered that I have a painting order for a shower this weekend. Why can't I get organized? This is the board that needs painted. I'll start it this morning and hopefully finish it this evening. Yellow, Purple and Butterflies, maybe that is why I am procrastinating. And tomorrow I am teaching these flowers at the church. I have twenty five of them cut. I really think that I have the hard work done. They get the fun part, melting the edges. I like that part! Now where are those tea lights?
And this was Gracelyn yesterday morning when I told her that we had to get ready for work. "No Momma, stay here and play" I know exactly how she feels, I wanted to curl up like that and lay right with her. Not sure I would look that cute in that position though, IF I could manage to get in it.

She really loves the I Spy quilt...or at least the start of it.


Laurie said…
The picture of Gracelyn is gorgeous! Sweet innocence. I have some fabrics for your I Spy quilt, I don't have your address anymore though, my one e-mail account has been closed, and that's where I had it!