What I have been working on this week.

This is on my sewing room floor.Finally managed to get Kendall's handprint, although her baby finger looks a little crooked.

This morning's project, changed the colors from Quick and Easy.
Finished this bowl yesterdayTea stained these runners.Sorry for the blur, these are finished other than varnish and antiquing.I am not really liking the new way to make posts, think that I'll go back to the old way.  Too much for my brain, I guess.


Suzanne said…
You've certainly accomplished much this week! All beautiful projects!
Laurie said…
I love all of it Cathy, especially well, all of it!!! I agree about posting, I went back to the old way also, the other just wasn't doing it for me.
DiannaMarie said…
Hey Ma--I really like that bowl you painted..do you have any more of those?? That would make a wonderful candy dish for me if it was painted different :)
Balisha said…
Beautiful work. What a creative mind you have. You must have a head just popping with ideas.Have a nice weekend.