Yard work on overdrive!

This week so far can be summed up in Yard Work on Overdrive.  Nothing much was accomplished last year and one year without mulching seems to make the next year even harder. These stones are scattered throughout my landscaping.  More than anything they are a reminder every year of how they appeared.  Shelby never had a decent vehicle when she was younger, she had lots of vehicle due to her driving record, but never a nice vehicle.  She had this old lady looking Buick, bought because it had a  little more room around her and given her tendency to hit things, it looked much safer than some of the tin cans that she had driven.  She pulled in one day with the entire trunk full of these stones.  Let me just say that the Buick was riding a little low in the back.  She had found a place that was going out of business and was giving these away.  She then proceeded to drive from house to house and give them away to anyone that would take them, emptying her trunk, laughing all the way. 
This is how the week started, with a load of mulch that John thought was way too much.
And this is where we were last night when I finished.  As you can see, the area in front of the mulch still needs a lot of attention.

And some finished areas.
And of course some flowers.  Love that spirea.
These are Aunt Savila's lilies.  Almost everyone on my Mom's side of the family has them somewhere in their yard.  My Aunt Savila had them in her yard in Kittanning, took them to Youngstown and planted them there and then little by little we all have starts from that original plant, scattered all over the country now.
And doesn't this just look like you are going into a secret garden.  Actually it leads out front and to a busy road, but I love the look of it, anyway.

Thanks for going on my tour.  Hopefully you are having a great week, wherever you are and enjoying some sunshine!


Laurie said…
Beautiful job Cathy, love all your special touches. Everything is so peaceful, and love the stones!