Changing clothes.

How many times a day do we change our clothes?  Am I the only one that does this? Wake up change from jammies to running clothes, home from running, shower and into sweats and a t-shirt, then off to town and change into jeans and nice shirt, then home again and back into the sweats and t-shirt and now tonight back into jammies.  Is all this necessary?              

Since I have not been here since Monday, I have some things to show for the last two weeks. 
Most of the evenings this week were spent at the church decorating for VBS.  Thanks to my son-in-law, Ryan, the foyer looks amazing.  He helped me all Monday evening and we built an entire rainforest room complete with working waterfall.  A little overboard? Yes.  I have heard it more than once this week. Of course I have forgotten to take my camera with me every evening.  Hopefully I can remember it tomorrow.
Finished these cherry towels for the ladies in my swap.  Since they have started to receive them, I think it is Ok to show them now.
And while I was on a cherry kick, I did these also.  They still need to be antiqued.
I finished the back board a couple of weeks ago and finally got the stool and box done to match them.  
And a saw blade.  I haven't done one of those in ages.  
These canisters have been in the stash for over a year.
Getting ready to work on the the I
Getting ready to work on the I Spy quilt this evening and watching my third or fourth movie of the day. And finally...finished this scoop today.

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!


Laurie said…
Everything is so awesome Cathy, your hard work paid off. What amazing talent! Hope to see pictures from VBS!
pammyjo said…
Amazing you. I love the back board, stool and box. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE them. You really are an inspiration. I need to blog sometime today. Are you finding it easier to just Facebook? I find myself there alot. I miss blog hopping as much as I use to. ?
Balisha said…
Is that what they call a yoyo quilt? I had forgotten all about those. Nice to keep by the chair to work on in the evening.I'm looking for "little" projects. You have such an artistic friend. It seems you can do anything. Balisha