Day after a Holiday Weekend

Last Thursday marked Tyler's graduation from preschool.  A joyous occasion until we realized that now Jenn has to bring BOTH boys to work for the summer.  She had been working Tuesdays and Thursdays and bringing only Logan to work.  Today started the first of both of them there first thing in the morning.  I love those little boys, but sometimes they have more energy and questions and ideas than I can always cope with first thing on a day after a holiday weekend.  It was, of course compounded with the fact that I had Friday off and that left another day of work to catch up on.

It started with  a lot of questions from dear hubby as soon as I walked in the door, and then...a quick check on the banking showed the checkbook overdrawn.  This happens occasionally when I think that SOMEONE who is supposed to pay their bill and I feel sure that they are GOING to pay their bill and they don't, but I still go ahead and pay my bills...well that and I had one big mathematical error (totally my fault) and a credit card deposit that didn't show up, all that solved, then on to round of telephone tag, well apparently I was it and tagging but no one was calling me back. 
The one week old pressure washer decided to give it up.
Phone calls, confusion, flying golf balls, one totally naked boy, bathroom issues, (theirs and mine) sore throat from air conditioning that I strongly dislike, more phone calls, where is that check?, get the mail, make a deposit, get the mail again because of course it wasn't all out the first time, another golf ball whizzes by my head, and now it is lunchtime. 
Uneventful afternoon until a hummingbird enters the shop.  I am not a hummingbird lover, I really don't even like them.  I kept working though, in the past I have been known to cower under my desk from them.

John had no fear of them and I actually got close enough to take the picture.  He is now calling himself the Hummingbird Whisperer.

Finally made it home, sat down to eat supper and spilled a whole glass of water all over the afghan and yarn that I am working on...Jeez, it won't end!

I did manage to paint these little plates tonight.  I guess I needed to do something constructive!


Suzanne said…
Some days it's probably better just to stay in bed till they blow over. Wish we could do that occasionally! I hope tomorrow is better!
Laurie said…
I love hummingbirds and envy your husband to have one sit in his hand! Your plates are beautiful Cathy, wonderful work!
There is just no explaination for some days except...UGH! Love your plates!
Oh my goodness I gotta tell ya I am exhausted just reading your post!!LOL...I hope your week has gotten a whole lot better!!:0) And that hummingbird is adorable!!
Cathy how did I miss this this post!
I thought I was pretty good at working all my blog buddies in but I guess I miss a few here and there. My list is so long! lol

Wow, the hummingbird is awesome...I've yet to see one this year at our what makes you freak out by them??? They are so pretty but they are quick...sort of like quick little bats....eeeeewww! Sorry bout

You aren't the only one my dear who forgets to record something in the checking....that happened to us with two things this week...oh the pain when you find out!

Hugs, Karen