First look at the ocean.

Jenn and Chris and the boys left for Myrtle Beach Friday night after Tyler's t-ball game.  They drove all night so that the boys would sleep on the trip. Saturday morning they sent us this picture of the boys first look at the Ocean.  I thought that the picture was priceless.  Had to share it!
How I wish I was there with them!


I have to agree...PRICELESS!

Isn't it fun seeing life 'again' through our grandchildren's's a different kind of feeling even than when it was our own children. Such beautiful little treasures.

Thanks Cathy for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments - It's always a treat to see show up!

Hugs, Karen
Laurie said…
What a precious, keepsake picture!
Oh, look how sweet!! The firemen's convention will be setting up at the MB Convention Center this week. If the boys like firetrucks, I'm sure they will enjoy stopping by. This is the first year we have missed in 27 years!!! The convention is usually in July and they changed it this year and it is the same week we are on vacation. In fact, we are in Williamsburg, VA. now!!
Anonymous said…
I can see that photo, huge on stretched canvas in a sea side cottage. You're right! Priceless. Love it!