Last night in Milwaukee!

I have had the BEST time, pics to follow.  I have spent wonderful days with my friends, Patti and Mike and they have been the greatest tour guides that anyone could ask for.  Mike is so knowledgeable about the area (other than the bridge necklaces) and I love Milwaukee.  The people are so friendly.  I have wandered the streets alone in the evenings, exploring and looking around, taking pictures like a tourist and everyone speaks that you pass on the street. 

I just got back from the FEDEX store, where I shipped all of my dirty clothes home to make room for all the items that I bought here in my suitcase.  So much cheaper than shipping an extra bag home on the airlines, and I really think more reliable.  We leave for the airport tomorrow morning at six and as I walked around the city one more time this evening, I realized that I am sad to be leaving.  There is so much more here to explore. 

Photos to follow when I get home!


Laurie said…
I love Milwaukee Too, Cathy, my sister lived just outside the city, and we visited often. The domes were my favorite, with the different hortoculture displays. My nephew still lives there and it's just the nicest place. Can't wait to see your pictures!
pammyjo said…
OMGosh I can't wait to see your pics. My father was a truck driver for a Schlitz Beer distributor for years. I would go in his semi with him when I was little. It was so exciting and I was only 5 or 6 when I got to go. The last time, I was 10. :) I'm so loving that purse you made in the other post. The fabric is awesome.