Monday Morning

What a busy week ahead.  Once again, I have put off the VBS decorations until the week before.  Every year I say that I am going to start earlier and every year, I do them the week ahead.  This year, I don't think that I will even bother thinking that I might be more prepared next year.  I am just going to deal with my procrastination and embrace it!
A couple more of these little purses to add to the stash in the attic for the Open House.

And I finished up some of these towels this morning. 
And these are the ones for the swap that I am in with my painting group.  I can't picture the fronts yet, that would ruin the surprise.  Great feeling to have them done!


Suzanne said…
Such great projects. Love towels are so pretty!
Anonymous said…
I always look forward to commissioned projects, but in the meantime, I get started on something else and the excitement wanes because I want to finish what I'm doing. Your I'm procrastinating projects are beautiful though!