A New Purse!

I have had this fabric since the trip to Ohio with my Mom and friends.  I thought it was time to make it..finally.  I have been procrastinating this for so long because it has been years since I actually followed a pattern for anything.

I can't wait to make another one! 

Funny event of the day:  First of all it was not when Logan used a whole roll of toilet paper to stop up the bathroom sink, causing me to have to tear all the plumbing apart and scoop and plunge and sift and well...yuck, that was not the funny one. 
Actually this one should not be THAT funny, it could have been really bad and could still have ramifications to come. 
Logan comes into the shop today, he and Tyler were playing in the backyard and he announces, "I ate some of that fruit!"  Jenn and I race outside to see what fruit he might have found.  The neighbor had laid some rotting fruit on a cement block beside her burn barrel and it was covered with flies and he ATE it.  We are now calling him Survivorman and Logan McGyver.  So far he has not had any problems but the kid will obviously eat anything.


Laurie said…
EWWW! To both stories! Kids seem to have a cast iron stomach, so he should be fine. Me on the other hand, ewwwww!
LOL, well that was definitely funny but gaggy! lol
My gosh it is amazing what little one's will eat like that but try getting them to eat peas or carrotts and it's "yukky...NO!"

Your purse turned out just great...how 'chic'

Balisha said…
Yuck! It must have tasted good to him though. Kids will try anything except what you want them to eat...vegetables.
Love the purse.
Lesley said…
Oh Cathy, never a dull moment at your place. LOL eweeeeey on the rotten fruit and flies.
Love the purse and so retro.
Love my tea towel and the Hymnal, thanks bunches.