What I did not plan for my Sunday night.

Relaxing weekend, I even managed to fit in a few naps.  Not the norm for me, but last week was really hectic and this week is VBS and we (my family and I) are in charge of games and after you work all day and then run around the field with 150 kids in 20 minute intervals with no breaks for 2 1/2 hours, well let's just say that I think that the naps were needed to prepare.  Wait and see how many I take next weekend!

Anyway, I had the boys outside riding their bikes, riding their gator, riding through the shrubbery, pretending that they were in the jungle, (if my rhododendrons survive grandchildren, it will be a miracle) when they both decided that I little dip in the spa was in order.  Now Logan did not have on a swimmie diaper, but I thought it was only a little dip in the spa, we would be OK.  So in we went, splashing and giggling and the next thing you know, I grab Logan and feel his little lumpy bum in his cute little underwear...POOP!  I  am sure it looked like nothing short of discovering JAWS right there in our little hot tub and out he and I went.  Tyler was a little more reluctant to get out, neither Tyler or I realizing the damage at that point.  After depositing both back at Nana's, Logan walking the whole way down the driveway with his legs only moving from the knees down, I flipped the breaker and surveyed the damage.  An hour later, hot tub swept, skimmed, chemicals and whatever else we could find to throw in it, it was turd free!

After much deliberation, John and I decided that we are glad that it is getting used and that the kids all like to be in it AND I will be buying lots of swimmie diapers to have on hand at my house. 


Shanda said…
Funny, I remember those days well. I do still stay clear of the kiddie area of the pool though. Good idea for the kids to use the spa for a cool pool.