A whole week of projects.

Hard to believe a whole week has gone by and I have not been to Blogland.  I have been working on several projects.  This tray has been sitting here waiting to be painted for a customer and since Shawnee and I are leaving Saturday for Milwaukee, I figured I better finish it for a little extra spending money.
Same with this cake cover.  It was to match the customer's china.  I hope that she likes it.
And since I still can't get this new picture loader figured out, these are a little out of order. 
These are photos of a sign that also was an order that I finished up this week.

And this is the sign.  It is in the basement and I am running there every half hour to get coats of varnish on it.
This was a gift for a wedding that I hurriedly painted on Saturday while the little boys watched taped tractor pulls.  They have to be the only little boys around that know that Pulltown USA is in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I see a road trip in the future.

And while those same tractor pulls were on, this happened to my thimble.  Talk about a nail biter.  Those are teeth marks on my thimble.  What would possess a four year old to BITE a thimble?


Laurie said…
All so pretty Cathy, I love the cake cover. I know she will too. What possesses a 4 year old to do anything!? ;)
Ann said…
Cathy, Your painted items are beautiful, as usual. Have fun in Milwaukee - my sister lives there and we visit that area a lot. I'll be sure to wave to you as you are driving by Bryan on 90! ~Ann
Kay said…
love the cake carrier....all your projects look great. Do you have an etsy page?