Another week of summer!

GONE!!!  Where is it going?  This weekend I have this little girl (she doesn't arrive until tomorrow) and these little boys, who are tucked in for the night and sleeping for the beginning of their weekend at Grandma's house.  John escaped to camp for the weekend.  Too much confusion for him. Tomorrow we are going swimming and then supper and then hiking to the water tower and then we are making banana splits.  Helps to have a plan, although most of the time Flexibility is the Key to Success.
These chairs are my yard sale find for the day!  They were $5 for each set and barely fit in the back of the Equinox, but they made it.  They are perfect for the patio by the fire.  They are also surprisingly comfortable.
Not sure whether to paint them or not...opinions?
Finished these items this week, or should I say ALMOST finished them.  The painted items still need varnished and embellished.  The towel, at least is done.  I have more of these cut out, all different designs, now to get them stitched.  I needed a break from the I Spy quilt. 

Hope that everyone has a great weekend.  Sunday will find me with me feet propped up, passed out in the recliner, I am sure.  Three children, ages 4, 3 and 2 will be the cause of my demise!


Laurie said…
It sounds like you have a great week-end in store! My grand daughters are also here this week-end with my son and daughter in law, but won't be seeing too much of them. I'll cherish every minute though, as I know you are. Love your chairs, I don't know if I'd paint them or not! But your finished pieces are just perfect!!
Enjoy your weekend with the dear little ones...Oh I understand about needing a Flexible Plan...we do that every Monday with our two grandchildren.
Great looking chairs! Glad they fit in the vehicle...would not have been fun having to go back twice!

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Lois said…
I love your work. You are so talented!!!
I think you will have a full weekend with the kiddies.