Big Plans, Gone Awry

You see, I had these big plans to post a nice tutorial on these lovely placemats this morning, well actually yesterday morning and then the day happened so you are going to get a play by play of my exhausting day yesterday instead.  Not interested, that's ok, just stop here and check back tomorrow to learn how to make these.
That being said and I see you are still with me so get ready, take a deep breath and help me remember one exhausting day.

4:30 AM -  WAAAAUUUUGHHHH!  Some classic rock station with a lot of static blares me into a semi awake, heart thumping state.  I really like to wake up BEFORE the alarm and turn it off and then nicely get out of bed and start my day.  I must have dozed after that
5:00 AM  - Oh my gosh, I have to go, make the coffee, stretch, pills, water, exercise clothes, shoes, open the house up, fresh air, get to boot camp.
5:30 AM  - Boot camp and my FIRST sweat of the day.  Not the greatest workout, trying to figure what I ate the night before, stomach upset, coffee too close to boot camp, I decide NOT to run the steps of the grandstands this morning, 
6:30 AM - Home, coffee to dear hubby, in bed.  He is not feeling well, hip problems still, and now sore throat and upset stomach. (Did I mention that there is a lot of work that needs done at the shop and we really can't have him sick?) 
7:30 AM -  At work and trying to get things done before Jenn and the boys show up for work
9:00 AM - At least 10 phone calls made, work work work,   very productive so far.  Jenn and one boy arrive.
12:00 PM -  Lunch and ready to fire up the press and print, dear hubby still not feeling well.  The morning has consisted of, as well as work, arranging a doctor's appointment in Pittsburgh for his Mom on Friday.
1:00 PM -  Press ready and we are printing.  Burnt index finger on my left hand pressing words on cheering uniforms on he hot press and SECOND sweat of the day.
1:30 PM - Dear hubby goes down, sick, sick, SICK!  Some funky stomach virus that we would find out later is going around.   I take him home, get him settled, back to work and the afternoon is more work, what we can do without hubby to set up the press, signs, phone calls.
2:00 PM -  "Tyler, if you clean up all of your toys you can go to the fairgrounds with me to deliver."  Honestly, they were like the magic words that turned him into the Tazmanian Devil of toy cleaning. 
2:15 PM -  Truck loaded and off to the fairgrounds.  We deliver, go in empty buildings that he remembers from last year and wonders where all the stuff is, talks to fair managers, that are giving him blue ribbon stickers, inspects all the trophies (he loves trophies) for the fair, places signs, sings on the empty free stage with only me as the audience, pets race horses, chases a barn cat, watches the harness racing practice, climbs to the top of the grandstands and looks over the top and THIS is where the highlight of my day comes in.  There are people there mowing and they stop to marvel at his energy and we chat for a few minutes.  Tyler is looking over the top of the grandstands and I say "Come down now, we have to go, Grandma has to get back to work!" and the people mowing say "Grandma? We thought he was your son!"  I love them!  I forgot to get their names and have them sign that quote, but then maybe they didn't have their glasses on.  Anyway, I an hanging on to that one.
5:00 PM - Day over? Not quite.  Now I have two vehicles at work, what to do?  I take my car home, get my MIL's mail and paper, check on hubby, take the mail and paper to MIL, dig out the pedal bike, begin he THIRD sweat of the day,  ride the bike back to the shop, load the bike in the back of the truck and drive it home.  Is this for real?
5:25 PM -  Woof in five leftover chicken wings and a yogurt, change into dirtier work clothes. check on dear hubby again.  He is not in good shape.
6:00 PM  -  Off to Step-Daughter #2's house to strip wallpaper off the baby's room and begin the FOURTH and longest sweat of the day.  Cut my pinkie finger on my left hand with the wallpaper scraper.  Room stripped.
8:00 PM -  On my way home with mending from Step-Daughter #2's house from wild puppy chewing escapades.  Drive home slowly because 1.) They oiled and chipped the road and 2.) Driving is really my only rest in this day.  Check on my MIL again and then check on dear hubby again, still very sick, shower off wallpaper bits, change into pajamas. 
9:00 PM - Dear hubby stumbles downstairs and wants two soft boiled eggs on burnt toast and coffee.  Not my choice if I had been sick all day.  I call my MIL to see how long to cook a soft boiled egg so it is not snotty like I like them.  Eggs cooked I burn the ring and middle finger on my left hand on the pan lid and proceed to begin the FIFTH and final sweat of the day.
10:00 PM -  I drop into bed and sleep like a log. starts again. 


Balisha said…
Whew....I feel like I should go back to bed. what a day you had. Take care my's too short.
Laurie said…
Good Lord Woman!! You wore ME out!! Take it easy ok, and I hope hubby feels better soon!
Lesley said…
OMGoodness dear Cathy, wow what a day. You started out with a bang and ended with a bang. You make me dizzy just reading your post. LOL
Hope your MIL and hubby are better.
I will be back to read about the placemats. You have my curiosity. Like I need more projects right now.
Take care dear Friend
Lois said…
Oh deserve a medal!!!! Hope hubby and MIL are doing better.

Lois L.