Plans for the holiday

The question that I kept hearing the last few days, "Do you have any plans for the holiday?"  Well after just coming off of a "holiday" and John having his own smelly, loud NHRA holiday, I really don't have any plans, or not any BIG plans maybe.   Oh,  I have a list, as I always, do laundry, more of those little purses, a little, tiny bit of cleaning, catch up with all the blogs, the normal things, but my big plans for today?  Today is grandchildren day.  At 10:00, I have a date with the two cutest little boys in the world (sorry if I sound biased) to go bowling.  We are then going to Subway for lunch (Tyler's favorite), then we are headed to Aunt Shelby's house to swim with Kendall and Gracelyn.  After that I am bringing Gracelyn to my house for a sleepover and the boys are going home. 

Plans?  Sounds like a great plan to me! 


Good morning...I think this sounds like the BEST holdiday!
It's always fun spending time with our little ones.
Enjoy your day and have a safe and happy 4th.
Kay said…
Sounds like perfect plans to me.....enjoy your holiday weekend!!!
Sounds like great fun! Enjoy!