Second day of boot camp.

As I have hobbled, limped and dragged myself through the last 48 hours, I am thinking "Was I NUTS?" Every inch of my body is hurting, or so it seems.  I am pretty sure my fingertips are OK, although I cut one at work yesterday with an Xacto knife, so that one is a little tender.  Nine fingertips that feel pretty good and the toes aren't bad either, everything else is screaming! 
This morning I just hoped that that the sheets were tucked in tight at the bottom as I grabbed the top of the sheet with those nine fingertips and tried to pull myself to a sitting position so that I could wince as I swung my legs to the floor and hope that they held me up to stand. 
It is a great workout though and I am going back for more this morning. 

I managed to finish a few things the last couple of days.  This picnic cooler has been hanging around the basement for a few months, just needed the tag and the handle wrapped and off to the attic to add to the Open House inventory.
A few more change purses to add to the shower favor stash.  Mom is way ahead of me on these, thank goodness.
A couple of bowls, some snowmen that were in a box of stuff from a thrift shop, and a few more of the snowmen ornaments that I have been making. 

The weekend was full of kids and family and heat!  There are always funny stories when the kids are around.  They say and do the cutest things.  Gracelyn spent the night Saturday night and Sunday morning, I asked John to keep an eye on her while I ran upstairs and got a shower.  Men...shouldn't I know better by now?  I sensed a stirring outside the shower door and I opened the door and there was Gracelyn holding my flip-flops and her words?, "Here are your flip-flops Mamaw, let's go outside!"  Apparently she didn't think that I needed clothes!

And now it is 5:09....only a mere 21 minutes before the pain begins anew!


pammyjo said…
The flip flop story is so Marley. LOLOLOL Apparently clothes are optional in there little worlds. I love love love your snowmen. :)
Suzanne said…
Such cute projects you're working on!
Laurie said…
Your projects are coming along perfectly Cathy. It sounds like another successful open house!
Hope your pain isn't as bad today, though I have a sneaking suspicion it will be! ;)
Great job on the finishes...I am inspired to get into my craft room...

Enjoy the grandbabies! Have a fabulous weekend. ~Natalie
Love your picnic cooler! Your change purses are super cute too! Way too funny about the flip flop story :0)