Security Issues

Not BIG security issues, just little baby/toddler security issues.  My older daughter had a blanket, well actually two blankets, but I am not sure that she knew that.  You see, she carried one of those white thermal receiving blankets everywhere she went.  I kept one hidden so that we could always have a Clean Leave the House Blanket on hand.  My younger daughter was much easier, she had her thumb, always available and always with her.  A little harder to break than the blanket security.  It was somewhere in the first month of kindergarten when she was trying to hold her pencil and write with her thumb still in her mouth, right handed, right-thumbed, picture it? 

Now for the grand kids:  Tyler had a Binky, a certain Binky that he had to have.  I had about six of them at my house, never wanting to be out of one and not be able to find one.  He hasn't used it in two years, I recently found one in my nightstand.  See how often I clean drawers? 
Logan has a blue blanket.  He loves the silky edge and loves the corners of it.  I like it, he reminds me of Linus with it. 
Gracelyn has three Binky's, one that she has to have in her mouth and one for each hand.  She plays with them,she clinks them together and that is how she goes to sleep.  Her mom does not allow her to have them in public, sometimes she cries for them..."Binky, Binky, Binky"  Her mom was the thumb sucker, sometimes God just gives you these little things, I choose to think it is His form of motherly justification.  Same with when she sasses her mom, I just laugh! (behind my hand that is)
And then Kendall, no Binky, no blankie, but another B word....Blueberries.  She can be screaming, whip out those blueberries and she starts eating them and she goes into a trance like state.  Maybe somebody should do a study on that....hmmm.

Mom and I took a purse class at Sew Elegant in Clarion on Saturday.  If you are local and have never been in that shop, stop by.  The ladies who work there are so nice and so helpful and special thanks to Pam, our teacher!  Can't wait to take another class.

This was the purse that I made and although we didn't finish it in class, I had to rush home and get it done on Saturday night.  Dear hubby and I did have plans for Saturday night but Saturday morning in the first mile of a 5K, dear hubby went down...hip issues and he spent the rest of the weekend in the recliner with an ice pack. 
Mom gave me these books of sample fabrics on Saturday  and I started these place mats on Saturday evening.  I also have enough to make a red set and a blue set and an orange set and ....well you get the picture, I'll see what I get done.   I really liked the fabric though and I happened to have the backing piece in my stash so it was a true reduce, reuse, recycle project.  Gotta love those!

And one more towel for the Open House Inventory Stash.  
Hope that everyone has a great week.  It is a little cooler here this morning.  Hope that this is a preview of the coming week. 

Boot Camp Update. 
This morning started our fourth week of Boot Camp and although I have only lost 4 pounds so far, I am really feeling better and stronger and "things" seem to be firming up, although dear hubby in one of his diarrhea of the mouth moments told me the other day that perhaps I should lighten up on the weights because, "those arms of yours are not getting any smaller!"  He better watch, he is injured and I could hurt him worse!


I appreciate your 'security issues'
We had a similar issue with our oldest son during his little growing years...his was a thumb and blanket - they were inseperable.
The Christmas before he was to go to Kindergarden we told him that Santa Claus had a rule that you needed to give up the blanket and thumb in order to get gifts upon your going to school....would you believe it worked...the blanket went under the tree on Christmas Eve and we took it! And would you believe...we never had an issue. I was amazed at the power Santa has over children at 5 years

Great looking bag!
Eileen Bergen said…
Don't 'cha just love those fabric sample books?

All the patterns are already coordinated for you. I love your place mats!
Lois said…
Hi, I was wondering how the boot camp was going. Did you know muscle weighs more than fat!!!????? That could have been muscle he was complaining about. lol He better watch out!!! lol
I'll have to tell my daughter about Karen's comment. They have tried for 2 years to get Monica to give up her "lovey". And she still uses the thumb!!! This should prove interesting come school time!!!
Lois L.
Lois said…
Hi Cathy! would think that after all these years your dear sweet hubby would know better wouldn't you?!? He has to sleep sometime...right?? LOL!
Good for you with losing weight and staying with the boot camp.
I also hear you about the security issues....our 5 year old Cutie Patootie has a blankie that she needs to sleep with and a thumb that goes with the blankie. Her mom and dad seem to think she can have one without the other....they just don't get it. Hopefully one of these days they will.
Have a great week!
Lois S.