Sweat shop closed!

My half of the favors are FINISHED!  These were started about a week ago and I have 33 of them.  Mom is making the other half.  I passed her up on finishing them.  I made them on an assembly line and she is more precise and makes them one at a time.
Thank goodness for my very short, long ago career in the sewing factory.  They things that you learn.
Had to share these cuties with you.  They actually sat still enough for a picture all together.  How nice that was and sure beats the trauma and hives of taking them to a photographer.  It is me that has the trauma and hives...not them. 

And the second week of boot camp starts tomorrow.  I have done something to my ankle.  Today will be spent on the recliner after church, resting and icing!

Have a great Sunday!


Good morning...well when I read the heading of your post my mind only read one thing 'SWEET', not sweat....and so I was anxious to read further...after reading the whole post I thought where are the sweets...so I started over and RE-READ THE HEADING....lol

I'm good at reading what isn't there sometimes....road advertisements, store banners, things like that sometimes when you look quick you read a different meaning...well I do now and then and it makes me giggle to think I read something entirely different.

Anyway...your little sewing project looks wonderful - and what an adorable photo of the little ones.

Thanks for sharing this Sunday morning.

Hugs, Karen
I hope your ankle isn't sprained...they take awhile to heal....wishing you luck!
Lynn said…
How cute they turned out,you sure did alot of work!!! I'm sure everyone will love them!
Lois said…
Boy, how the grandkids grew!!!! Can't believe that Gracelyn...she's soooo big now!!!!

Lois L.
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
It's such a downer when you hurt yourself while trying to do something that's good for you.
So I hope that your ankle gets better very quickly.
Your picture of your grandbabies is great. Arn't they all growing up so fast? I guess time really does fly by as we get older doesn't It? I wish I knew how to slow it down.
Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Take care and have a great rest of the week.
Lois S.