The Sweat Shop is Open.

Part of last night was spent cutting and this morning was cutting and pressing.  These are to be the favors for Dianna's baby shower.  Luckily, my Mom has agreed to help out and has about 30 cut and some sewn.  I have not counted what I have cut so far, just got tired of cutting and am now going to start sewing for awhile.  We think that we are going to need around 60 of them.

This is the first one.  Actually somewhere along the last couple of weeks, I lost my change purse so the first one was mine. Thirty more to go.

I found this table runner in Port Washington and knew immediately that it would make a birthday gift for a friend of mine.  Yesterday morning, I whipped it into this pillow for her.  The stitching on it was so pretty.  it always make me wonder about the person that made it.

Well, I am off to sew.  One more day of work today and then the long holiday weekend!  I hope that everyone has a safe, fun holiday weekend and that we remember to appreciate our freedom!


Ann said…
Cathy, What an undertaking - making 60 of those change purses! Do you ever sit down and do nothing? Have a relaxing holiday weekend! ~Ann
Patti said…
The pillow turned out soooo pretty. I showed Mike what you did with the table runner and he is very impressed. Told him there was a reason we needed to do all that shopping.
Balisha said…
I'm with Ann...what a job. The party goers will really appreciate your efforts though. You are so talented. I love the pillow too.
Have a restful 4th
Suzanne said…
Love the pillow. I sewed one something like that a month or two ago and gave it away as well. So pretty with all that lace and embroidery.