You know that you have had a good weekend...

1.  When you finally manage to empty the dishwasher on Tuesday morning and every sippy cup and ice cream bowl is in it.
2. The garbage can is full of pull-ups, swimming diapers and baby wipes.
3.  Your carpet has a nice colorful tone to it from all the sprinkles from the banana splits spilled on it.
4. Every extra bed in your house is dirty and needs the sheets stripped.
5.  When you walk sleepily through the living room to open the front door in the morning before your coffee, you step on a matchbox car and say bad words.
6. The yard sale items that you bought on Friday morning are still in the bags and you have forgotten what you even bought.
7.  Your arms are itchy from what seems like another bout of poisen ivy after searching for blackberries on the hike to the water tower.
8.  You find lost underwear and socks in the dryer that are way too small for either of us.
9.  All of the stuff that you put "up" on top of things is now coming down little by little.
10.  Exhaustion is the word of the week and going back to work on Monday morning feels like rest.

Managed to paint a few things this morning.  This was a yard sale find on Friday and I think that I am going to make a pillow out of it. 


Laurie said…
This one really had me laughing Cathy! Been there, done that, and am doing it again! They make it all worth it though, don't they!
Laurie said…
P.S. That is going to make a beautiful pillow!!
Dawn said…
t funny:) I so agree with ya!
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
LOL! Sounds like you and the kiddies had a real blast!
The secret to visiting munchkins is to book the first workday off and spend it re-energizing yourself for the week.
I hope you are back in tip top shape real soon.
Thanks for sharing!
PS I like the pillow cover...very pretty!
Shanda said…
loved this, it should be published somewhere, you really should submit it to some places.